20X: Third Eye Crop Circles EPAciiD MooN: A Gift From the Universe EPAesis Alien: Andante ma non Troppo EPAesis Alien: Feel the Inner Strength EPAesis Alien: Flash Forwards EPAesis Alien, Kiwi: Zero Gravity EPAgent Kritsek: The Awakening EPAgent Kritsek: The Source EPAgent Kritsek: Timecode EPAkbal: Conjuro EPAkbal: Destiny EPAkbal: Mantra Space EPAlcyon: Alegria Al Tiempo EPAlignments: New Time Nomads EPAnalog Minds: Change Your MindAnalog Minds: Nazuna EPAnanda Shanti: Consciousness EPAnanda Shanti: Metaphysical Being EPAncestral Conexion: Danza Cosmica EPAndroids: Polyhedrons EPAndyflip: Vortex EPAnyma: Voice InsideAnyma, Astral Sense: Take a Deep Breath EPArtificial Existence: The Bassline EPAscent: I will fly again EPAstral Sense: Into the Void EPAstral Sense: What I Feel EPAstro-D: Liquid Dream EPAtheria: Ancient Feelings EPAtheria: Through The Abyss EPAum Lab: 5th World EPAum Lab: Re:VisitationAum Lab: Water PipeAwareness: Dreamtime EpBarby: Polaris EPBell Size Park: The Octopus Ride EPBiokinetix: Rock The World Part 1 EPBiokinetx: Biokinetix And Friends 2Boshaft: Uncertain PitfallsConexion Mental: Madre Tierra EPConexion Mental: Muscaria Trip EPConvergent Evolution: Twilight DizzinessCoral: Spaced In TimeCosmaya: Blue Plasma EPCrossfire: Move On EPCryptexmarble: Qi Dance EPDeclaration Of Unity: Luminescent RevolutionDeclaration of Unity: Free SpeciesDefib: Faster Harder EPDefib: Parallaxiom EPDiffus: Digital Spores EPDigital Sun: Consciousness EPDigital Sun: Deep Phat BeatsDr. Psyhead: Enter The MultiverseDrop Control: Out Of Control EPDrumatix: BalancedDuall: Frequency Galaxy EPEkahal: Tribal Drugs EPEktoside: Inside The Paradise EPEktoside: OutsideEktoside: The Future is the Past EPEktoside: The Signs Of The Unknown EPElegy: The Nexus In-Between Space and Time EPElement9: Nature Within Pt.1 EPElemental: Psychedelic Re-Creation EPElepho: Go-Addiction EPElepho: Goa Journeys 2010-2011-2012Elepho: New VisionElepho: Road EPEmphacis: Dynamic Frequencies EPEric Electric: Odd World EPExtended Memory: 2-20 Bytes EPFractal Dimension: Moksha EPFractal Vivisection: Expanded Horizons EPFremonnt: Destine EPFuture Sight: Ignition EPGajah: Gate of Antares EPGeocentric: Radioactive Decay EPGeometrica: Cosmic Family EPGhebro: On Acid EPGoa Luni: Fractual Destructions EPGoa Luni: Illumination EPGoa Luni: MadnessGoa Luni: Twisted Minds of Creation EPHyghwave: Strange Revelation EPIgnis: Solaris EPInnerzone: Trancendance EPInoxia: The Spell EPJai: Crystalks EPJayanta: Phosphorescent NervesKinich: Monkey's Trip EPKoatl: Smart Sequence EPKyoto: Sundance EPLectro Spektral Daze: Cold Sun EPLectro Spektral Daze: Open Mind EPLectro Spektral Daze: The 4th Dimension EPLectro Spektral Daze: The Truth About UFOs EPLectro Spektral Daze: Totally Frictionless Surface EPLost Shaman: Chronicler EPLost Shaman: Shakyamuni's VisionLucid Rainbow: Digital Dreams EPMadness Express: Complications EPMan Machine: Spice Uppers EPMental River: River Side Space Jump EPMerlin's 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Adventures EPRaptor: Inner Awakening Begins EPRaptor: Nebular Clouds EPRay Subject: Black Hole Storm EPRe-Boot: Shivaites EPRony Melo: Intergalatic Voyage EPRony Melo: Let's Go EPRony Melo: Strange Matter EPSacred Geometry: Feelings Spiral EPScratch 22: Cosmic EPSef10: CyclesSentinel: Slow Burning EPSeven11: Light Up the Darkness EPSeven11: Shades Of Life EPShiva Shambho: Spiritual Hunter EPShtrom: Light of Butterfly EPSiam: Start To Focus EPSky Technology: Free Spirit EPSkyline: Voice of the Soul EPSkyway: Skyway EPSnag The Sunshepherd: Elements EPSonic Elysium: Faster Higher StrongerSound Philos Therapy: Blue Dot EPSoundSpirit: Star TravellerSpectral Touch: Pitched Impulses EPSpindean: Elucidation EPSpiritualight: Divinos Momentos Tridimensionales EPSpiritualight: Renovacion EPSubivk: Cosmic Spirit EPSubivk: New Age EPSubliminal Insane: Statements Of A Madman Astronaut EPSunrazers: Rising Sun EPSunrazers: Voice Of Paradise EPSynthaya: Pandora EPSystem E: Resurrection EPSystem Lock: The Sweet Spot EPTasp: The Big Picture EPTavi: Reactive Acid EPTerrasun: Wings EPTesla Principle: Morning After EPTheseus: Agains The Odds EPTheseus: Psychonaut EPTirkre: Planet Aspect EPTlamanik: Pale Blue Dot EPTottem: Natural Mystic EPTottem: Psychoactive Runes EPTricossoma: Lost KingdomTrinodia: Alien Civilization EPTrinodia: IgnorantTrinodia: J J Jupiter EPTrinodia: Untuned VisionsTurn the Doll: The Comet EPUniversal Mind Gate: Harmonic Science EPUpaya No Kensho: Under the Bodhi TreeUpaya No Kensho: Western Mountain AqueductUpaya no Kensho: Rain God EPVirtual Objects: Brainwaves EPVitamina C: Psychedelic Experiences EPVuchur: Cosmic Rays EPVuchur: Expressions EPVuchur: Fractals EPWavelogix: Cosmic Vibration EPWavelogix: Parallel Wave Transposed EPWavelogix: Tel Aviv Express EPWeirDel: Magic Hang EPWizax: Delusional Sense EPZoku: Alien Mind EPZoku: Goadelic EPZweep: Wellness Space EPeLement9: Nature Within Part 2 Earth and FireeXtended Memory: Going Fast EPeXtended Memory: Inner Space EPeXtended Memory: Sound Abduction EPFresh Horizons Of Goa Vol. 3Fresh Horizons Of Goa Vol.2Fresh Horizons by Kyu and MoonstarGoa Galaxy v.3Goa Moon Vol 7Goa Moon Vol 8Goa Sun Vol 7Goa Sun Vol 8Goa Sun Vol. 6Goa Trance Nations Vol 2 MexicoGoa Trip VolGoa Trip Vol 9
Anyma, Astral SenseTake a Deep Breath EP
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  • WEEK

    Feb. 2017/06


    Progressive Trance


    19 min 20 sec


    wav, aiff 44/16, mp3 320k



Goa Records

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Goa Records presents this perfect collaboration release from our two very talented and special...

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