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2020 week 32

coverThe TrancemancerSchizophrenia EP

BMSS Records

coverBerg, WilderWarzone EP

Blue Tunes

coverGhost RiderSummer Never Ends EP

Blue Tunes

coverNormalizeTubular EP

Blue Tunes

coverAlegroWhat People Say EP

Blue Tunes

coverUNI, Tsuyoshi SuzukiHallucination EP

Blue Tunes

coverImpact, ...Inner Spirit EP

Blue Tunes

coverInsignia, ...Area 51 EP

Dacru Records

coverAalien MindChaos Impulse EP

Digital Drugs

coverJakaanHumans EP

Digital Om

coverAbigail Noises, ...Antidote EP

Eye of Horus

coverCampatech LiveMisturis EP

Eye of Horus

coverAce Ventura, ...Psychedelic Nation Compiled by Ace Ventura and ...

Future Music

coverNagHammadiMastaba EP

Geomagnetic TV

coverMicrotechData Process EP

GreenTree Records

covereXtended MemorySomething Is Not Right EP


coverArt AlienLove Without Limits EP


coverKhaikuSpellissimo EP

Human Spectrum

coverBakkeBakkelite V3.0

Iboga Records

coverProtonicaExoplanet EP

Iboga Records

coverZone TempestSpace Time EP

Iono Music

coverFlowjobHow to Move a Daymoon EP

Iono Music

coverStrong DriveOn Fire EP

Ohm Ganesh Pro

coverEvolve The FutureSeparate Divisions EP


coverFoggy RayShattered EP

Pharmacy Music

coverAdrenalin Drum Ca...Flying Saucers Smashing EP

Power House

coverName In Process, ...Green Effect EP

Power House

coverFraktalikaExistence EP

1.2.Trip Records

coverKaosLike a Movie EP

Samaa Records

coverAnatomicImaginary Passage EP

Solar Tech

coverDurs, JilaxUnlimited EP

Spin Twist

coverFabio Fusco, JosieParalyzed EP

Spin Twist

coverDigital ImpulsePure Energy EP

Spin Twist

coverMonodOcean Whisper EP

Spin Twist

coverAudioStormRevolt EP

Spiral Trax Records

coverTalpa, PremikMusica EP


coverPsychedelic QuestSpace Jam EP


coverEndemicAncestral Prophecy EP

Uxmal Records

coverIsometricManipulated Dreams EP

Vantara Vichitra

coverSolar WalkerShapeshifter EP

Yellow Sunshine

coverAladdimNeedlePoint EP

Zoo Music

coverSystem IDBeat Of Life EP

Zoo Music

coverMPAEnhancer EP

Zoo Music

coverIron Madness, ...Drop it Out EP

Zoo Music

coverSharigramaStarting Point EP

Zoo Music

coverDouble CDimensional Void EP

Zoo Music

coverGMOOpen Fields

Blue Tunes Chillout

coverKoanThe Neverhood EP

Blue Tunes Chillout

coverSungirlMulti Faceted EP

Blue Tunes Chillout

coverGrasz, SchultzOne.

Blue Tunes Chillout

coverTakkraA Blessing in Disguise EP

Sofa Beats Records

coverCompilationBoys and Girls Summer Edition EP

Boys and Girls