01-N: Grimoire01-N, Tetuna: Human Curiosity01-N, Tetuna: Human Curiosity EP2Minds: Behind the Silence EP2Minds: Wave ShellAcid Prophecy: Sons Of Solar EmpireAcid Prophecy: Theatre Of Acid EPAcid Syndrome: Pseudocode EPActivating Evolution: Identity EPAcuaheretik: Beyond the Light EPAcuaheretik: Last Water Bender EPAffreqtic: First Flight EPAinur: Venus Project EPAlex Oxygen: Way To Dreams EPAlex Ra: So Far EPAlien Bug: In Motion EPAlien Radio: Binary Stream EPAlignments: Theory of the Statics Remixes EPAmplify: Forced Perspective EPAmplify: Rock It EPAnalog Sync: Advanced Universe EPAnalog Sync: Physical World EPAncestral Conexion: Song of Power EPAncestral Conexion: The First Sound EPAndroids: Molecular Order EPAndroids: Pulse EPArgon Sphere: Cosmo Sphere EPArgon Sphere: Flexible Viewpoint EPArgon Sphere: Samurai EPArtificial Intelligence: The Divine Miracles EPArtsense: Evolution Factor EPAstro-D: Astro NavigationAstro-D: Astro Path EPAstro-D: Night Sun EPAstro-D, FelipeCosta: Into The Light EPAtheria: Cosmic Alliance EPAttik: Danger On EarthAttik: Robotic Collapse EPAvant Garde: African Spirit EPAvant Garde: Back To The Skies EPAvant Garde: The Remixes Vol 1 EPAzerty: BandB EPBPM: The TribeBen Marta: Bombing Pulse EPBiocycle: Brain Net EPBiocycle: Broken Dimension EPBiocycle: Come InBiocycle: Get Connected EPBiocycle: Golden Voltage EPBiocycle: Infinite Atoms EPBiocycle: Positive Impact EPBiokinetix: 2013 Updated EPBiokinetix: Black Sheep Technology Remixes EPBiokinetix: Incidious Remix EPBiokinetix: On Stage EPBiokinetix: Origin EPBiokinetix: The ShowBiom8tric: The Experience EPBionic Delay: Increasing Scale Factor EPBlack Noise: In The Dark EPBlanx: Alienation EPBlanx, Wizzy Fusion: The World EPBlastoyz: Something For Your Mind EPBrahma: Elements EPCal. Sunshine, Twina: Fire Dance EPCalifornia Sunshine: On the Edge EPCartoon Badman: PSA (Please Serve Acid) EPChaosoma: Echoes EPChrizzlix: Chaos Theory EPChronomirage: Interactive Simulation EPChronomirage: On the Other Side EPChronomirage: Plasma Dharma EPClone: UnleashedComplement: Freedom EPConnected Visions: Psy-Fi Science EPCoral: Cosmic Journey EPCoral: Moving The Earth EPCoral: Musically Modified Organism EPCoral: Neon Summer EPCortex: Dogmatic EPCortex: Live Version Vol 1 EPCortex: Live Version Vol 2 EPCortex: On Chill Out EPCortex: Psychic EPCortex vs Sixsense: Boom Shankar EPCortex, Insane Logic: Kill Zone EPCosmic Vibration: Parvati EPCower: Mobile MusicCreactive: Neuroscience EPD-Psyer: Unity EPDJ Kundalini: The Second Encounter EPDMotion: The Wonderland EPDMotion: The Wonderland Episode II EPDahaka: Mysteries of the Mind EPDarkland: Aberration EPDavid Shanti: Lost In SpaceDeeplook: Fe5tival EPDemetria: Experiment EPDexter: Future Tech EPDigital Tribe: The Remixes EPDisco Doden: Disco Shit EPDistant Touch: The Mainframe EPDj Moksha: Circle 8 EPDj Moksha: The Irish EPDouble H: Direct Dynamics Modulation EPDouble H: Flash The System EPDr. Psyhead: Samadhi EPDrumatix: Almost Real EPEchoes Of Space: Sound Variation EPEssex: Side Effect EPExaile: Chunk EPF - Time: Avant GardeFX Machine: The Machine EPFair Play: Good Vibes Attack EPFaradize: Psycho Therapy EPFoxmind: The Contract EPFrangipani: Gaia Groove EPFrangipani: High Experience EPFrisky: Guilty Of Breakage EPFrost Raven: Points Of Interest EPFynex: Transcendental State EPGEN: Peronal Feelings EPGab.E.Motion: Noisy Location EPGalaxy Dust Project: Glance In Another DimensionGalaxy Dust Project: Let's Go Light EPGanesha: Digital Paradise EPGeometrica: The Crystalline Transmission EPGhebro: Disco EPGoe: Adrenaline Rush EPGoe: Flying EPGrin Dee: Creator Kiss EPGround 0: Liquid Time EPHanuman: Spirits In The Forest EPHidden Soul: The Sound Of My World EPHigh Max: The Time EPIlluminator: Lightforms EPInducer: FluoInfinity Of Love: Imagination EPInnov. Modification: Reboot EPInsane Logic: Ufo Response Team EPIsraeli Sphinx: Rounders EPItakam: Can You Imagine EPJayanta: Exoplanet EPJeto: Technology EPKalilaskov AS, ...: Humaliens EPKazuki: Sinister Sunrise EPKazuki: Spaceship Earth EPKelle and Juha: Idris Baba EPKelle and Juha: Onam EPKelle and Juha: Ramayana EPKetale: Project C EPKetale: Space Pollution EPKin3tic: Digital Sky EPL.M.T.: Thermionic Culture EPLastfloor: The Wegg EPLiam Shy: Electro Psystep EPLife Extension: SkylineLogic Species: Nebula EPMad Magus: Full Off EPMerlin's Apprentice: Predestination EPMerlin's Apprentice: Star ChildrenMerlin's Apprentice: The Space Between UsMerlins Apprentic: Lubrication for the Imagination EPMerlins Apprentice: Enlightenment EPMicro Scan: Remix Friends EPMidi Junkies: Galaktik Surfing EPMidi Junkies: Lonely Man EPMidiride: Bubblegun EPMidiride: Think Out of the Box EPMind Portal: AscensionMind Portal: Egyptian Shop EPMother Womb: Exotic Matter Self Creation EPMystical System: Mystical World EPNatural Disorder: Genetic Modifications - The RemixesNeo 7: World In FullNexus: Firewalk EPNimerix: Firefly EPNixiro: Eye Of The Machine EPNoize Hunter: Wired EPOptical Report: Progressive Future EPOptimus: Esoteric EPOrganic Flow: Feeling Different EPOutreach: Whispers of the Shadow EPParty Heroes: Massive Progressive EPPassion Project: 100 PercentPassion Project: Hiding Place EPPassion Project: New Day EPPerfect Havoc: Electric Love EPPerfect Havoc: Mind Fuck EPPerfect Havoc: Psy Will Never DiePerfect Havoc: Show Your Stuff EPPerfect Havoc: Soul Power EPPerfect Havoc: The Beginning EPPerfect Havoc: We Are Not Alone in the Universe EPPerfect Havoc: Wicked WaxPerfect Havoc: You Are Not Machines EPPerfect Match: Bad BoysPhoenix: Showtime EPPolypheme: To The Remixes EPPredators: Inverse Gravity EPProtoDrive: Exploration Of Time EPPsilicyber: Just A Matter Of TimePsy Agency: Night ShiftPsycho Vibration: Atmodelic EPPsyman: Adventures EPPsypien: Opposable Drums EPQuality Sound: Titanium EPQuantum Leap: The Classics EPQuazax: Genesis EPQuazax: High Zone EPRed PsY: I Always Wanted A DragonRematic, ...: Underworld EPRoboteknic: Collective Consciousness EPRobotic Mind: Best TechnologySabedoria: What Do You Know? EPSadle: Cerebral NutritionSadle: Mesoderm EPSadle: Organo-GenesisSanathana: Spiritual Awakening EPSatinka: Everything is Energy EPScratch 22: Are You Scratchperienced EPSef10, Dronoid: We Are The Mischief Makers EPSentinel: 2086Sentinel: Extraterrestrial Lysergic IntelligenceSentinel: Portal EPSentinel: Tlazocamati EPSeven11: Intergalactic EPShacom Delia: Tripadvisor EPShadai: Galaxias En Espiral EPShalys: Carpe Diem EPSixsense: Acid PartySixsense: Dirty Mind EPSixsense: Flying Into Deeps EPSixsense: Made For Sex EPSixsense: Olimpus EPSixsense: Under Explosions EPSmoke Sign: Come Out And Play EPSmoke Sign: Out Of Body EPSomatic Cell: Break the Silence EPSounDragon: Loud Generator EPSound Machine: Drone EPSoundPhilosoTherapy: Treasure Box EPSounddragon: Skydreams and Futureage Remixes EPSoundragon: The Robots EPSpectral Touch: Prepare The World EPSpectro Boy: Alien Devices EPSpectro Boy: Stop The Machines EPSpirit Travelers: In The Jungle EPSpyral Tech: Digital Galaxy EPStuntproject: Deserve LifeStuntproject: Inception EPSubivik: 7th Day EPSubivk: Vimana Yathra EPSubliminal Insane: Are You RealSubliminal System: Lunar Bounce EPSubliminal System: Unorthodox EPSulima: On Mars EPSunday Light: Law Of AttractionSunrazers: Dream EPSunrazers: In Your Mind EPSuntribe: Seventh Sense EPSuperoxide: Heart BeatSupersonic Birds: The Moon Spacelab EPSychodelicious: Brain ControlSychodelicious: Incidious Halloween EPSychodelicious: Tasty Treats EPSychovibes: Shaman DanceTerapeutica: Chromatic PlanetTerapeutica: Psychedelic Bioluminescence EPTerrasun: Psychedelic Inc EPTesla Principle: Forbidden KnowledgeTetuna: Alien ExistenceThe Dude: Silence Is Golden EPTheseus: Psylent Groove EPThirsty Amigo: Rhythm Lab EPTlamanik: Conundrum of Consciousness EPTransporters: Transported EPTrinodia: Digital Psychosis EPTriscele: Dangerous EPTriscele: Impulse EPTriscele: Lunar EPTriscele: Mechanics EPTry2Fly: Keep The Thing Rolling EPTwisted Desire: Psychedelic Mind EPUltrajett, Kid Vicio: Space Station EPUniversal Mind Gate: Gaian Hyper-SequenceVaktun: Lucid Dreams EPVectro Electro: 10 Thousand Watts EPVegas: Lua De Agosto EPViber: Sound Of Dream EPVimana: Ancient Future EPVirtual Emotions: Bad Dream EPWavelogix: Electrostatik EPWavelogix: L.I.S.A EPWeiRdel: Analog Experience EPWeirDel: Where I AmWisenevil: Hey EPWizack Twizack: Northern Ways Remixes EPWizzy Noise: Swizzy EPWizzy Noise: The Retro Is Here EPX-Team: Phobos EPDigital Goa ConnectionsFractal Resonance by ZweepFuture Earth by QuazaxNot For Babies
Perfect HavocWe Are Not Alone in the Universe EP
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  • WEEK

    Apr. 2017/16


    Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance


    6 min 9 sec


    wav, aiff 44/16, mp3 320k



Geomagnetic TV

Track 1


Perfect Havoc is back from beyond the edge of our solar system with his intergalactic groove...

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