Akasha: Cosmic Nature EPAttik Mexico: Hexeract EPAudiosonic: Weird Brain EPBasstards: The Calling EPChemical Content: Our World EPChemical Content: The Roots EPCopycat: Collective Hallucination EPCopycat: Mad God EPCopycat: Physical Environment EPCopycat: Self Discipline EPDeep Vibration: Through Realities EPDeep Vibration, ...: Soul Vibration EPDoxa: Magic Pills EPDoxa, Copycat: Bizzare Effects EPFiction (RS): PsyNalysis EPFreaked Frequency: Singularity EPGoblin - X, ...: Abnormal Humans EPHorizom: Time Of Delusion EPImaginarium: Nataraja EPInner Lux: Our Path EPInner Lux: Spectral EPIntelligence: Lightime Programs EPItal, Fiction RS: Ephemeris EPLess Is More: Black Magic EPLupin, Owntrip: Message Of The Universe EPMakida: Journey EPMakida: Remixed EPMakida: Subconscious Mind (Xandar Remix) EPMakida, MoRsei: Visions EPMakida, Relativ: Transcape Remixes Vol.1 EPMental Control, ...: Space Review EPMind Design: Exposed EPMoRsei: Dune EPMoRsei: Redshift EPNax: Human Revelation EPNerso: Essence Of Universe EPNerso: Quirky (MoRsei Remix) EPOut Of Range: Ayeka EPPsymon: Physical Reality EPRelativ, Protheus: Nuclear Charge EPRelativ, i-460: Bambre EPReleasse: Cosmic Disclosure EPReleasse: Healing Senses EPReversed Logic: Behind The Times EPSHIVAX, ...: Guiding Reality EPSideform: Thoughts EPSpace Travel: Genetically Modified EPSpace Travellers: Invaderz EPSuduaya: Cognitive Science EPSychro: Universal Coexistence EPSynthologic: Psyence EPTerrasun: Bonfire EPVertikka: Explaining Origins EPXandar: Before Dawn EPAncient CulturesAncient Cultures Vol.2Psychedelic FeverTranscape Throwback Vol.1
Inner LuxSpectral EP

24 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

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    Psytrance, Goa Trance


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Next in line is a power infused psychedelic single by Inner Lux calledSpectral. Mystical...

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