-SD-: City Echoes EP-Sd-: The Professor EP-Sd-: Tooga EP-Sd-, Mayak: Diamond Dance EP20X, Glitch Project: Sauvage EP20X, Skywalker: Plasma EP3D Ghost, Skywalker: Remixes EP3D-Ghost: Brujos EPAbstrackt Dimension: Open Your Eye EPAdinath: Through This Universe EPAgent Kritsek: All Over EPAgent Kritsek: Consciousness EPAgent Kritsek: Harmonics EPAgent Kritsek: Relentless EPAgent Kritsek: Spiritual Energy EPAgent Kritsek: The Path EPAgent Kritsek: Transitions EPAgent Kritsek, ...: Limitation of Movement EPAjna: Strange Monkey EPAlignments: Alpha Protocol EPAlignments: El Viaje EPAlignments: Eyesight EPAlignments: Fuel The Remixes EPAlignments: IgnitionAlignments: Men Of MayhemAlignments: RedesignAlignments: Rezoning Flux EPAlignments: Uxmalize EPAlternate Side: Glitched Exoplanet EPAstrounit, ...: Start Up EPAurawave: Mad as Hell EPChronos: Time and Mysteries EPConsciousness Fed: Nocturnal EPCrop: Fragments EPCrop: Life EPCrop: Luminus Circle EPCrop: Moving Forward EPDeep Cleave: Deep on cleave EPDeep Cleave: Haze EPDeep Cleave: Mind Blast EPDeep Cleave: Musa EPDeep Cleave: Perfect Organism EPDeep In Mind: Guerilla EPDhamika: Digital HumanDhamika: Floating EpDhamika: In Control EPDhamika: Jeeva EPDiego Dante: Electronic World EPDoctor McFly: Psychoterapy EPDoctor McFly, Wicked: Wicked Fly EPDr Mcfly: Mely EPEndemic: Ancestral Prophecy EPEpiphanyc: Divine Elements EPEpiphanyc: Higher State Of Mind EPFils Des Etoiles: Into The Orbit EPFinixproject: The Chosen People EPFluxsense: IonosphereGhostbuster: Singularity EPGlitch Project: Music Machines EPGlitch Project: Pandora EPGroove To Soul 2: Onix EPHazmat Haze: A Place Among The Stars EPHazmat Haze: Forward EPHigh Max: Fallen Brothers EPHigh Max: From Here To Eternity EPHigh Max: Unlock Armor EPHigh Max, Hyper: New Age EPHutten: High Flying EPHutten, Mayak: Eternal Progressions Part 1 EPI.M.D: Awakening EPI.M.D: El Tunel EPI.M.D and 20X: I.M.D and 20XIllegal Substances: Matter Of Time EPInward Trip: Jian EPInward Trip: No Feelings EPIron Vibe: Alpha Centauri EPIron Vibe, Releasse: Evolution Of Life EPJaya: Ambient Doodle EPJedidiah: Divine UniverseJedidiah: InspireJedidiah: Mas Alla de la Conciencia EPJedidiah: NatahviKedarnath: Between Worlds EPKedarnath: Soul Dimension EPKyoto: SkywolfLiquid Viking: The end of the earth EPLogarithmic Spirall: Natural Frequency Dream Of ParadiseLord Of Andromeda: Loa TranceMeander: In Collaboration EPMeander: SingularityMindstorm: Momentum EPMolectone: The Uncanny Valley EPMolk Sonca: IluekaimaMonolock: Remixes EPMonu: I Feel Electro EPMonu: Trouble EPMonu: Worlds Apart EPMorrisound: Nocturnal Rites EPMorrisound: Organic Planet EPNercon: Free Forever EPNercon: Rebelion EPNon Human: The Blue Spirit EPOsahar, Lasmar: New Beginning EPPanda On The Bamboo: Psikedelic PandaParallel Dialog: Defined By Light EPParallel Dialog: Eastern Calling EPParallel Dialog: Excating Mood EPPointelin: Phonocosm EPPrizm Prime: Pyramid Of The Magician EPPrizm Prime: Tales From The Valley Of SunPsyrius: Sorry PlutoQuantum Foam: Meditation EPRaindrop, Freak: Vortex EPRed Owl: Dragons EPRed Owl: Insight EPRed Owl: Total Light EPReleasse: Spiral Galaxy EPReleasse: Thunder Of Wrath EPSD: Epic Space EPSD: Internal Experiences EPSatori: Fallen from the Moon EPSatori: Floating Dreams EPSatori: Imagine Pleasure EPShortcut: Dr. Ug EPShortcut: Mental Activity EPShortcut: Poison Remixes EPShortcut: Skyflash EPShortcut: Under Control EPSkywalker: Feeling the Future (Alignments Remixes) EPSkywalker, Nercon: Choose Your Weapon EPSleepwalk: Be Free EPSleepwalk: Strong Theory EPSoldae Rokker: Infinity Vibrations EPSoldae Rokker: Radioactivity EPSouls Map: 4th State of Consciousness EPSpinney Lainey: Portal EPStorm Riders: Break The Spell EPStorm Riders: Flashback EPStratil: Creating Experience EPStratil: Tree Of Life EPStratil, Satori: After Humans EPSuduaya: Come Back To Life EPSuryaDemaH: AshirvaadSynestesick: HybridTerra Nine: Love Potion EPThe Bitzpan: Equilibrium EPThe Mindstorm: Mindblow EPThe Mindstorm: Soft Shock EPTophoo, Idaga: Dual Mind EPTwisted Swingers: Roots Of The PastTwonezero: Chemistry EPUnlimited: Enter The Machine EPUnlimited: Hyper Space EPUnstick: Breaking The Horizon EPUnstick: Let Me Fly EPUnusual Cos. Process: No Gravity EPUnusual Cosmic Proce: AquaticVaktun, Sci Fi: Cibercartel EPVoltrone: Psyphisticated EPWhen Elements Align: Sapere Aude EPWhen Elements Align: Sensus EPWicked: Lucky High EPAfter WorldBest Of Uxmal 2014Best Of Uxmal 2016CitizensMexican Progressions 004 Pt. 1 EPMexican Progressions 004 Pt. 2 EPMexican Progressions 004 Pt. 3 EPMexican Progressions 004 Pt. 4 EPMexican Progressions 004 Pt. 5 EPSuperluminalThe Inhabitants of FlatlandUxmal Artists Vol 2Uxmal Chill 002Uxmal Chill 01Uxmal Picks 2018When Melancholy Speaks 2
Agent KritsekRelentless EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Dec. 2014/50


    Progressive Trance


    22 min 17 sec





Uxmal Records

Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Psyshop and Uxmal Records are proud to present another amazing release by Agent Kritsek.