Alignments: Lost In Movement EPAlignments: The Core EPAnti Beat: Thoughts Create Reality EPAxer: Wizarding World EPDigital Tribe: Close Your Eyes EPDoppler: CeremonyDoppler: Divination EPDoppler: I see the Spirit (Feat. Spinney Lainey) EPDoppler: The Divine Elements EPDoppler, Nano Vector: Consciouness EPDown To One: Begining EPDown To One: Take Me Higher EPDown to One: Freaking Out EPElectit: Next Level EPGood Fellas: Radio Fellas EPGood Fellas: Rise of Light EPKetale: Green Poison EPKetale: Physical Reality EPMental Flow: Science EPMental flow: Time Paradox EPMirage: Mirage - Moving Stars EPModulator: Distorted Reality EPModulator: Generation EPMultifect: Space Travellers EPNemo: Enjoy The Freedom EPNemo: Perfect Alliance EPNeutro: Future Control EPNeutro: Galaxy EPNeutro: Mystery World EPNeutro: Solar Vibrations EPNeutro: Sonicwave EPPilot: Natural Wonders EPPilot: Welcome to my World EPPlasmoon: Remixed EPProtonix: Indian Symphony EPProtonix: Talking with Aliens EPReflex: Awakening vibes EPReflex: Experiences in the world of visions EPReflex: Feeling The Soul EPReflex: The Sigh EPReflex, Mirage: Moon Mission EPShabot, Aufgeklart: Free Your Soul EPShyisma: Ananda EPShyisma: Andromeda EPShyisma: ColorsShyisma: Guru EPShyisma: Message from the UniverseShyisma: Mother Nature EPShyisma: Psychedelic Way EPShyisma: Re-design Colors EPShyisma: Technology EPShyisma: The Voice of consciousness EPShyisma, Dj Nicholas: Flashback EPSinaptika: Mystical Resonance EPSource Code: Eternity EPTaboo: Second Soul EPUnstable: The U Side EPBeat GenerationFuture GressiveMAGMA Summer Selection 01Magmadelic 01New Prog OrderNew Prog Order Vol 2New Prog Order Vol. 3Power Of LoveRolling Tunes compiled by Dj NicholasSounds of the world Vol. 1 (Mexico vs Italy)
ShyismaMother Nature EP

24 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK



    Progressive Trance


    8 min 2 sec





Magma Records

Track 1


We are proud to present you a special single track by Shyisma This track is a collaboration...

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