Alignments: Lost In Movement EPAlignments: The Core EPAnti Beat: Thoughts Create Reality EPAxer: Wizarding World EPDigital Tribe: Close Your Eyes EPDoppler: CeremonyDoppler: Divination EPDoppler: I see the Spirit (Feat. Spinney Lainey) EPDoppler: The Divine Elements EPDoppler, Nano Vector: Consciouness EPDown To One: Begining EPDown To One: Take Me Higher EPDown to One: Freaking Out EPElectit: Next Level EPGood Fellas: Radio Fellas EPGood Fellas: Rise of Light EPKetale: Dynamic of Life EPKetale: Green Poison EPKetale: Physical Reality EPKindred Spirit, ...: Sonic Geometry EPMental Flow: Science EPMental flow: Time Paradox EPMirage: Mirage - Moving Stars EPModulator: Distorted Reality EPModulator: Generation EPMultifect: Space Travellers EPNemo: Enjoy The Freedom EPNemo: Perfect Alliance EPNeutro: Future Control EPNeutro: Galaxy EPNeutro: Mystery World EPNeutro: Solar Vibrations EPNeutro: Sonicwave EPPilot: Natural Wonders EPPilot: Welcome to my World EPPlasmoon: Remixed EPProtonix: Indian Symphony EPProtonix: Talking with Aliens EPReflex: Awakening vibes EPReflex: Experiences in the world of visions EPReflex: Feeling The Soul EPReflex: The Sigh EPReflex, Mirage: Moon Mission EPReflex, Reborn: Existence EPShabot, Aufgeklart: Free Your Soul EPShyisma: Ananda EPShyisma: Andromeda EPShyisma: ColorsShyisma: Guru EPShyisma: Interstellar EPShyisma: Message from the UniverseShyisma: Mother Nature EPShyisma: Psychedelic Way EPShyisma: Re-design Colors EPShyisma: Technology EPShyisma: The Voice of consciousness EPShyisma, Dj Nicholas: Flashback EPSinaptika: Artificial Universe EPSinaptika: Mystical Resonance EPSource Code: Eternity EPTaboo: Second Soul EPUnstable: The U Side EPBeat GenerationFuture GressiveMAGMA Summer Selection 01Magmadelic 01New Prog OrderNew Prog Order Vol 2New Prog Order Vol. 3Power Of LovePsychedelic Code Vol.1Rolling Tunes compiled by Dj NicholasSounds of the world Vol. 1 (Mexico vs Italy)
ShyismaMother Nature EP

24 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK



    Progressive Trance


    8 min 2 sec





Magma Records

Track 1


We are proud to present you a special single track by Shyisma This track is a collaboration...

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