A-Tech: Universal Language EPA-Tech, ...: City Of Gods EPA-Tech, ...: Frequencies EPA-Tech, Overdrive: Hoffman's Legacy EPAbat: Cosmic Fear EPAbat: Offbeast EPAktyum: Deep Inside EPAlpha And Omega: Transcendental EPAlternative Control: Re-Construct 1 EPAlternative Control: Re-Construct 2 EPAlternative Control: Re-Construct 3 EPAlternative Control: Transformator EPAnna RF: Why (Megatone Remix) EPAquila: Breakpoint EPAquila: Weekend Travellers EPAquila: Weird Existence EPAquila, Drukverdeler: Magnetic Signals EPAstral Projection: Dancing Galaxy (DigiCult Remix) EPAstral Projection: Y-Salem EPAtma: Fall Of The IdolsAtma: The Soul Mechanic EPAtomic Pulse, ...: Freedom EPAudiotec, Faders: Dimensions EPAvalon, ...: Time and Space (Spirit Architect Remix) EPBeat Hackers, Kali: Mental Floss EPBionix: Remixes EPBitkit: Clarity EPBitkit: Convoluted UniverseBitkit: Dont Wait EPBitkit: The Last ShadowBitkit: The Pattern EPCalifornia Sunshine: Festival Of LifeCalifornia Sunshine: Summer 89 (Talamasca Remix) EPChampa: Indrapura EPChronos vs ESD: Definitions EPComilation: Tree Of Life Festival 2017D_Maniac, ...: Desert Calling EPDigiCult: Awaken The Dream Remixes EPDigiCult: Every Single Second Remixes EPDigiCult: Fearless Reason EPDigiCult: Into The Heartland EPDigiCult: Layla EPDigiCult: The Lucid NationDigicult: Soul SamadhiDigicult, U-Recken: Days In Paradise EPDigicult, U-Recken: The Optimist Remixes EPDjantrix: High Pressure (Transient Disorder Remix) EPDjantrix, ...: Ergot EPE-Mov: Alien Technology EPE-Mov: Cosmic Ritual EPE-Mov: Jasmine EPE-Mov: Melodiziac EPE-Mov: Pagan Vision EPE-Mov: Stellar LoomE-Mov: The Journey Of PanE-Mov, Quantum, ...: Takitadhina EPESP: Intricate Web EPElectric Universe: 20Electric Universe: Journeys Into Outer SpaceElectric Universe: Mystical Experiences EPElectric Universe: Nebula EPElectric Universe: One Love EP (Kali rmx)Ephedrix: Circle of Life EPEphedrix: The Prototype Remixes EPEuphorya: Coloured EPExolon, ...: Twisted Healers 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On Mars EPSonic Species: Dawn Till Dusk (Spirit Architect Rmx) EPSonic Species: Tokyo Sunrise (Transient Disorder Remix) EPSpace Travellers: Gravitational Distortion EPSpace Travellers: Hyperspeed EPSpace Travellers: Morphic Fields EPSpiral Factor: Cosmic Safari EPSpiral Factor: The Signal EPSpirit Architect: Liberation EPSpirit Architect: MoonshineSpirit Architect: Next Destination EPSpirit Architect: Source Field EPSpirit Architect: Tunnel (Out Of Range Remix) EPSpirit Architect,...: Alien Nest EPSpirit Architect,...: Syncfloor EPStarlab, ...: Inside The Atom EPStryker, Talamasca: Boom Boom EPSuduaya: Spirit World EPSynSUN vs Insum: Brave Heart EPTalamasca: A Brief History Of Goa TranceTalamasca: Level 9Talamasca: Made In Brazil EPTalamasca: Patterns Of Emotions EPTalamasca: Psychedelic TranceTalamasca: The Time MachineTalamasca, ...: After Winter Comes Spring EPTalamasca, ...: We Gonna Rock The WorldTalamasca, Stryker: A Brief History Of Goa-Trance X-Dream EPTotal Eclipse: Aliens 2016 EPTransient Disorde...: Lost Spirits EPTransient Disorde...: Synthetic Life EPTransient Disorder: Another Dimension EPTransient Disorder: Endless Spiral EPTropical Bleyage: Climate Control EPTropical Bleyage: Constant PresentTropical Bleyage: Mala EPTropical Bleyage: Melodic PerceptionTropical Bleyage: Nine EPTropical Bleyage: Reality DropTropical Bleyage: Reborn EPTropical Bleyage: Static EPTropical Bleyage: Sunrise EPTropical Bleyage,...: Morning Sun EPU-Recken: A Light At The End Of The WorldU-Recken: Abnormal EPU-Recken: Flames Of EquilibriumU-Recken: In Flames EPU-Recken: It Begins At Birth EPU-Recken: Mirror Pool EPU-Recken: Nothing Is SacredU-Recken: Remixer Vol.1 EPU-Recken: Symphony Disorder EPU-Recken, Geko: Paranormal Activity EPU-Recken, Ghost Note: Delusions Of Grandeur EPUnstable: Energy EPOrientation Vol.6Tree Of Life Festival 2014Tree of Life festival 2015Uncharted Vol.1Uncharted Vol.10Uncharted Vol.13Uncharted Vol.2Uncharted Vol.3Uncharted Vol.4Uncharted Vol.5Uncharted Vol.6Uncharted Vol.7Uncharted Vol.8Uncharted Vol.9Uncharted, Vol. 11Uncharted, Vol. 12
Tropical BleyageMala EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Dec. 2014/52


    Psytrance, Goa Trance


    24 min 18 sec





Dacru Records

Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


A brand new EP by Tropical Bleyage that can count as a preview for a new full album coming in 2015.

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