01-N: Grimoire2Minds: Wave ShellA.P.E.: Advanced Psychedelic EnergyA.P.E.: SchmerzfreiAcid Prophecy: Sons Of Solar EmpireAnimalis: Sly TechnologyArgon Sphere: Another WorldAstro-D: Astro NavigationAtma: Beyond Good and EvilAttik: Danger On EarthBPM: Dancefloor Demolition SquadBPM: The TribeBiocycle: Come InBiokinetix: Rock The WorldBiokinetix: The ShowBodhisattva 13:20: Secrets of the MojaveBrainBokka: Vortex ImplosionCortex: Remix ItCortex: Spiritual TonicCrying Freemen: Digital GuardiansCybervixen: Kundal My LiniDavid Shanti: Lost In SpaceDigitalSound Project: System FailureDr. Hoffman: Ride OnEctima: No Way OutEnertopia: DivineFrost Raven: Ultimate EndGoe: ODHelios: Aires RisingImix: OneInducer: FluoJaws Underground: Frontier(s)Jaws Underground: Still AliveJirah: JourneysKinesis: Beyond The GalaxyLife Extension: SkylineMerlin's Apprentice: The Space Between UsMeta: EkstasisMeteor Burn: Comic BookMicro Scan: White LightMicro Scan: Yes We ScanMind Portal: AscensionMind Storm: Guiders Of The StormMr Rogers: Ooze SystemParaforce: Deep ForestPerfect Havoc: Divine PowerPerfect Havoc: Psy Will Never DiePerfect Match: Bad BoysPhase Phour: Fun from far awayPhoenix: Little BirdPolypheme: Black MagicPredators: CosmosPsychoz: Psychotic EpiphaniesQuality Sound: Life ExperienceRAZ: Music ForeverRandom: Implicate OrderRandom Robot: Sonic LifeSentinel: 2086Shake: Pleasures From HellSienis: RemixerSulima: Planetary SignalsSunday Light: Law Of AttractionSychodelicious: Another LevelSychodelicious: Brain ControlSychovibes: Shaman DanceTerapeutica: Chromatic PlanetTerraformers: No RulesTesla Principle: Forbidden KnowledgeTetrium: Precision MechanicsTetuna: Alien ExistenceTwisted Reaction: Action!Uriel Noise vs Index: PulsarVaktun: Memories of Hidden ParadiseVaktun: Vaktun Y AmigosVectro Electro: Rasta BlastaVirtual Light: IlluminatrixWicked Wires: Magnetic MemoirsWisenevil: Dabas ProjectWizzy Fusion: The ProtectorateBeat Of The MomentBio-Magnetic TherapyCivilysed ChaosDesert Dreaming Part 1 - SunsetDesert Dreaming Part 2 - MoonriseDigital Drugs 1 Double the doseEngrams Luminaria 2012Fed X - Next Day XpressFed X - Overnight XpressFly 2 PsyGeospirit 1 Virtual VortexGrateful DanceHigh Way 420 Society Of Sacred SmokeLiquid MindMagnetik AttractionMega DriveMentalismMex-Men Vol 2Mexmen V. 1Not For BabiesOrganikaPisces 2009Psychic Chakra II - Family Of The PhoenixPsychic Chakra III - Dreaming Of The PhoenixSan Fran Psychos PhantasmagoriaSan TranceciscoSingular FrequenciesSuper Natural Vol 2Trip ControllersVirtual ChroniclesWellspring Vol.1



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    Nov. 2008/48


    Psytrance, Goa Trance


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Geomagnetic TV

Journeys is the 2nd full length album for Jirah aka Tim McCall who is firmly regarded as the...

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