Ambassador: Black Hole EPAmbassador: The 5 Elements EPAndroid Spirit: Overground EPArgon Sphere: Healing FrequencyArgon Sphere: Messenger EPArgon Sphere: Traveller EPAscent: AwakeningAscent: Himalayas EPAscent: Laws of Nature EPAscent: Mrak EPAscent, E-Mantra: Guardians of Light EPAscent, Sabretooth: High Forces EPAstral Gnomix: One Touch EPAstral Projection: Power Gen EPAtma: Freedom EPAumni: Vagabond EPBPM: Cosmological Patterns EPBPM: Ignition Sequence EPBlastourist: Dual Components EPBunker Jack: Lunatic Activity EPChikoDelic: Aknowledgement EPChikoDelic: Enlightenment EPChikoDelic: Provenance EPCimi: The Goodfellas EPDark Nebula: Before Time EPDark Nebula, ...: The Flying Sorcerers EPDark Soho: HybridDark Soho: ReForm EPDark and Roll: Black Hole EPDatacult: 02 EPDatacult, ...: Traveller EPE-Motion: Shifting Waves EPE-Motion, Chrizzlix: Re - Calibrate EPEuphorya: This Is a Dream EPExolon: Spiritual Voices EPExolon, Gandhabba: Otherlife EPExolon, Moon Tripper: Dreaming About India EPFreak Control: Time and SpaceFuture Anarchy: Frequency of the Cosmos EPGenetica: Liquid Sun EPGenetica: Wonderland EPGnomes Of Kush, Kiva: Modulated Mantras EPH-Sunrise: Orange Pulsation EPHujaboy: Aftermath EPHujaboy: Fractured EPHujaboy: In Fm Heaven EPHujaboy: Oceans of Love EPHujaboy: Psyence Fiction EPHypnocoustics: Buddha Nature EPHypnoia, Symatik: Ancient Future EPIbojima feat. Jackvi: Mental Extension EPIlai, Flegma, Nerso: Rise Above EPInnerZone: Unlimited Happiness EPInterconnekted: Full Galaxy EPInverse Out: Grand Theft Psychedelics EPKalamour: White Tea EPKali: Typology EPKarma Project: Asfauda EPKundalini: Eighty FourKundalini: Miditating EPKundalini: Mirror Walk EPLunatica: Sonic Arts EPLupin: Dreamblaster EPLupin: Ritmo GalacticoLupin: The Master EPLupin, Owntrip: Toxic Frequency EPM-Theory, ...: Loose Screws EPM.O. Strom, Datacult: Sleep EPMaitika: Sideroad EPManMadeMan: Scarabeus EPManmachine: Indigo EPMeller: Spanish Fly EPMind Lab: Airborne EPMind Lab: Inner Engineering EPMind Lab: Mind Sets EPMind Lab: The Likelihood Of Dreams EPMoon Tripper: Spiritual Space EPMultiman: Synthestesia EPMystic: Curious Effects EPMystic and Hujaboy: In the Beginning EPN-Kore: The Remixes EPNoFace: Solar System EPOddwave,Mental Droop: Unchained EPOdiolab: MedievalOvercast, Dissy: Star with No Planet EPOvnimoon, ...: Divine Portal EPPerfec Tone: Creepy EPPerfect Blind: StratumPerfect Tone: Freedom EPPerfect Tone: Pray From Africa EPPhasephour: Hipster Hippies EPPlasmatix, ...: 0101 EPPsiloCybian: GodHeadPsiloCybian: Mumbo Jumbo EPPsiloCybian: Third Eye Itch EPPsiloCybian: Unfold Oneself into EndlessnessReversed Logic: Crystal Spirit EPSabretooth: Designated Driver EPSabretooth: Driven EPSabretooth: Skalugsuak EPSavage Circuit: Stimulus EPSentinel 7: The Search EPSephira: Monkey Tales EPShanti People: Tandava EPShivaTree: Cosmic Waves EPShock Therapy: Galactic Storm EPShred'er: Kawabunga EPSideform, Phanatic: The Remixes EPSidekicks: Reality Check EPSidekicks: Tonal Abuse EPSolitary Shell: Ancient Empire EPSomatic Cell: Radical Particle EPSomatic Cell: Twilight Stories EPSomatic Cell, ...: Voices EPSoul Kontakt: Electromagnetism EPSoul Kontakt: Inner Eye EPSound Control: Freedom EPSpirit Architect: Keep Going EPSuduaya: Vega EPSuduaya, By The Rain: Secrets of the Universe EPSuduaya, Makida: Gilgamesh EPSynergies: Key of Life EPSynthaya: Black Mirror EPSynthaya: Cosmic Drama EPSynthaya: Fury Road EPTerrasun: Fiction EPThe Key: Rise Again EPThe Key: The Light Remixed EPThe Key: The Light Within The DarknessTriceradrops: Disposable Harmony EPTriton: The Wicked Witch of Midwest EPUnknownium: UnknowniumYner, ...: Connections, Pt. 2 EPYner, Denature, ...: Connections, Pt. 1 EPEssentials Chapter OneHolistic NatureMultiverse ChroniclesOmeteotl 2016PanoramaPsychedelic RevolutionReturn to the Source: Chapter 1 (Compiled by Bo...Return to the Source: Chapter 2 (Compiled by Bo...Similar MindsSubspaceTrancefusion Chapter ITrancefusion Chapter II
Solitary ShellAncient Empire EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Jan. 2019/05


    Psytrance, Goa Trance


    15 min 46 sec





BMSS Records

Track 1


Track 2


Solitary Shells first release with Bmss transports you to an ancient realm with two thoroughly...

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