2 Channels: Sol Duplo Na Terra EP20X: Deadly Mind Trip EP20X, Ethnic Progress: Electric Waves Remixes EP2Kija: Subatomic Consciousness EPA Robot Comes to Her: Fading Spiral EPAcid Syndrome: Simulation EPAdrian Feder: Ariel Remixes EPAdrian Feder: Believe Me EPAdrian Feder: Do It EPAdrian Feder: Electromistic EPAdrian Feder: Euphoria Story EPAdrian Feder: H2O EPAdrian Feder: I Wannit NowAdrian Feder: If You Try EPAdrian Feder: See the Light EPAdrian Feder: Silence EPAdrian Feder: Stars EPAdrian Feder: Talk of Madness EPAesis Alien: Basic Concepts EPAkbal: Spiritual Influences EPAlexis Five: Big Style EPAlgae Bloom: DaypsyAlignments: Sacred Words EPAltea and Physis: Underground EPAmplified By Night: Two Dot Zero Remixes EPAmplified By Night: VarietyAngoscia: Fallout EPAngoscia: Fallout Lost Mixes EPAngoscia: Memorium EPAngoscia: Poveglia EPAntonio: I'll Be Myself EPAria Des: ApollyonAria Des: Dried Sea EPAria Des: Flying Arena EPAstral Sense: Endless JourneyAstral Sense: Sound TempleAthu: Awakening EPAthu: Under The Moonlight EPAudioStorm: Breaking EPAudiowave: Moonrokk EPAudiowave: Sonoro EPAutoRun: Logic Boom EPAvant Garde: Burning 4U EPAvant Garde: The Remixes Vol 2 EPAyuddha Project: Tales Of Ancient Tribes EPBakari Blavatsky: Ratio Curcuma EPBeatspy: Little DreamsBillys Pantelis: Sound Architect EPBrandon Hombre: Cover Up EPCartoon Badman: The Beast EPChart10: Control EPClaudio Arditti, ...: Z and K and A EPClean Noise: First LightConanDrum: End Of Days EPCoral: Polaris EPCrazytunes: Dreaming EPDJ Apex, ...: Insanity Mind EPDilago: Ghost EPDilago: Move It Fix It EPDim Day: Chase The DragonDim Day: Groove Theory EPDim Day: Morning GloryDim Day: Sweet and Cool EPDim Day, ...: Timeless Vein EPDimitrios Bletsas: Butterfly Effect EPDj A.t.s.: Earth EPDj Kung Pow: Love Rocket EPDjane Blue: The Light EPDoctor Goa: Moment In Time EPDoctor-X: Bubbling EPDonTToxique: Don't Kill The Dawn EPDuologic, ...: Orgasmologic EPEl Santo: Not Cold Enough To Be Techno EPElectit: Mental Control EPElectit: TimegateElegy and Meller: Synthesized Imotion Remixes EPElepho: 7H30 EPElepho: Deeper EPElepho: Do you Know EPElepho: Essenciel EPElepho: Paranormal ActivityElepho: Renewal EPEmbrace the Shadow: Dharma Within EPEmile Val: Even Stranger EPEmile Val, ...: Under The Rain EPEnarxis: Future Reality EPEnarxis: I Said My Heart Beats For You EPEnarxis: Origin Story EPEnarxis: Power On EPEnarxis: Road To Etheria EPEric Electric: Electronic Space EPEric Electric: Electronic Space EPErot: Talkie Walkie EPErwin Caffe: Distracted Behind The Wall EPEto Moe: Intronic EPFelucia: Lady Robot EPFever Of Fives: Unity EPFoodsoul: Inside The Dome EPFrank Wizardd: Me EPFunk Phenomena: Drum StixxGalactic Cowboy: Windows of Our Soul EPGhebro: Progressive Man EPGoosebumps: Akbal EPH7S: HsevenS EPHarmony T. Panda: Angelfish EPHigh Code: Ariel EPHippy Cat: Timed Out EPHot Fact: Elements EPHuman Intelligence: Fantasia EPHypercube: Simple Decisions EPIllegal Substances: Non-Stop EPIllegal Substances: Playground EPIllegal Substances: TraditionImaxx: Dark Force EPImaxx: Evolution 2Imaxx, Ang'Hell: Mooladhara (Remastered 2018) EPIndian Alien: Energy EPInfinity of Love: Take It Slowly EPInward Move: Vice Flow EPJuiced: Everything You Need EPKali: Casa Ibiza EPKali: Fiesta Del Sol Y Luna EPKalilaskov AS: X Touch EPKazuki: Black TrianglesKeemiyo: ImaginationKhoneeyagar: Back To Nature EPKizmet: Concentration Failed EPKuruk: Spirit Molecula EPLemonchill: My Innerself Remixes EPLemonchill: Siren Song Remixes EPLiquid Sound: Sound: LiquefyLiquid Sound, Pulsar: Liquid PulsesLiquid Space, Dr Goa: Our MissionLiquid and Source: Power of Emotions EPLogic Species, ...: -A2-Logic Species, ...: Back In Time EPLost Shaman: A Whole New World EPLost Shaman: Digital Mind Set EPLost Shaman: Event HorizonLost Shaman: Fade Away EPLost Shaman: Faint EPLost Shaman: Inside Of YouLost Shaman: Neutral ResponseLost Shaman: Simply Dive EPLost Shaman: Technomancer EPLost Shaman: Temple Of Illusions EPLost Shaman: The Hierophant EPLost Shaman: The Missionary EPLost Shaman: The Sentiel EPLost Shaman: Zero Crossing EPMad Robots: Major Robot EPMario Tomich: Sky Is Over EPMarshmalien: Alien Tech EPMeller: Destination EPMental Flow: Micromax Remix Contest EPMicrolin: The Coming EPMonitor: Revolution EPMonolock: Enigmatic Pulse and Sound Therapy Remix EPMonolock: Modern War Remixes EPMonolock: MonolandMonolock: Music For The MassesMoral: Formula EPMorrisound: Fly To The Sky EPName In Process: Eyes On You EPNoiland: Sub Mission EPNumedian: Goa Spirit EPOpen Source: Half Human EPOther Energy: Cosmic Shape EPOwnTrip: Psychedelic Love EPOwnTrip: The Big Bag EPPSYoSoY: Todo el Tiempo EPPacifism: Akashic Access EPPalmos: Night Drops EPPantum: Heavy Water EPParadigm: Adventure EPParadigm: Believe EPParadox Side: Codigos Alienigenas EPParadox Side: Emotion Capacity EPParadox Side: Rise of the Planet EPParty Heroes: Musical Particles EPPashenog: Ignition EPPashenog: In Space EPPaule: Pacific Star 2 EPPaule: Pacific Star Part 1 EPPeterv: Life In My Eyes EPPhalarix: Key To The Universe EPPhysis: Breaking Day EPPointelin: Sonic Balance EPPolyamoris: Tri-Finity EPPolyplex: Back To The Basics EPPolyplex: Easy Rider EPPolyplex: Switch EPProgress Intention: On The Rock EPProgress. Intention: Back To Malinalco EPProgress. Intention: V.I.N.I EPProgressive Inten...: Level Of The Mind EPProgressive Intention: Mind Without Time, Body Without Age EPProgressiveIntention: FriendshipPsySequenz: Alcantara EPPsyStream: Tribal Sun EPPsy_ience Projekt: Circuitry EPPsychoz: Plasma EPRapelli: Cosmic Frequency EPRapelli: Counter Culture EPRiodario: Abundance EPRoot: Pagan EPRusty: Balance EPS.P.L - Project: Infinity EPSantiago Torelli,...: Soltar EPSasek: Baby Power EPSasek: Progressive Technology EPSasek: Rhythms EPSasek: Smashing Machine EPSepp Tembar: Tales About Freedom EPSeven11: Paradise EPSeven11: Universal Light EPShake: Heaven Keys EPSharpie Dance: La Musica EPShihaby: Dum Dum EPShogan: Mind PulseShogan,Norma Project: Keep The Sleep EPSixsense: Summer LoveSolar Spectrum: Source Energy CreationsSound Device: DaydreamSound Device: New Sound Space EPSound Device: Prototype EPSound Device: Psychedelic Experience EPSound Device: Serious ProgressiveSound Device: Wake Up EPSoundSpirit: H2O EPSoundSpirit: Love and Other DrugsSoundSpirit: Sunset Stories EPSource Code, Enarxis: From Greece To Serbia EPSpectral Vibration: Parallel Universe EPSpiritualight: La Planta Maestra Remixes EPSpiriturama: Beyond Illusion EPStamatella: Animal EPStamatella: PacifistStamatella: Universe EPStatic Noise Bird: Apricity Eyeshadow EPStatic Noise Bird: Everpresent EPStigmouleur: Full Of Meaning EPSubivk: Black Hole EPSubivk: Closer To Earth EPSubivk: Gods of Mystery EPSubtap: Liquid Bass EPSubtap: Winter Ice EPSun Coma Project: Light Late Tonight EPSwing 8: Timeless EPSynergic: Slow, Deep and HypnoticTaktik Mind: Prolusion EPThe Backup Team: Enigmatic Games EPThe Dude: TabooTmina: Devious Crafts EPVicky Merlino: As Above So Below EPVicky Merlino, ...: Frolicky EPVicky Merlino, VM18: Natural Rolling EPVilla Violet: Fatomat Remixes EPVilla Violet: Novak Remixes EPVilla Violet: Rocks EPVilla Violet: ShapesVilla Violet: Shapes Remix Contest Winners EPVilla Violet: Ultra Remixes EPWitch Doctor: Paradise Mind EPX-Nova: Aurora EPX-Nova: Count It Up EPX-Nova: Sonic Evolution EPX-Nova: Time And Space EPY.Spark: This Time Prog EPYum Kaax: Dr. Yum and Mr. KaaxZ_Ekel: The First EPZardobski: Non Stop EPZardobski: The Initial Position EPZatelli: Means Of Reality EPZenaj: Gravitational Waves EPZeoLogic: New Generation Concept EPZoma: Mystycal EPZweep: Freedom EPZweep: Mind Power EPz_ekel: Just a Weekend EPFlute Dreams EPProgress To Goa Vol 1Progress To Goa Vol 2Progress To Goa Vol.3Progress To Goa Vol.4Progressive Euphoria Vol 2
ParadigmAdventure EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Dec. 2014/52


    Progressive Trance


    22 min 44 sec





Power House Records

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Paradigm is the newest gem to come from the hotbed of the modern and spiritual psychedelic...

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