Conclusion of the Contract
*The contract of sale is signed by an E-Mail containing the acknowledgement of the order.

Responsibility for Defects
*Evident defects as well as damage in transmit should be reported to immedeately, at the latest within two weeks.
If this time limit is not observed a responsibility for evident defects will be excluded.
*Nonevident defects turning up after the expiration of this time limit should be reported to immediately, at the latest within 6 month.
*In case of legitimate compilaints it's up to our choice whether to touch up the object article or to provide replacement.
*If neither touching up nor replacement is possible the client may demand a reduction of the price or the cancelling of the contract.

Data Protection
*The personal data are used for the contract of sale only. The data protection law is observed.
*Shopping with is safe. All personal information is encrypted with industry standard software for secure e-commerce (Secure Socket Layer).
*Cookies only contain internal product codes, which concern the current order. Personal and further data are not stored in Cookies.

*All amounts are charged in Euro.

Video DVDs, VHS Video Tapes and Video CDs
*If not different posted, all videos are rated: [R] not for sale to persons under age 18.