-SD-: The Tribe EP-Sd-: Enlazador de mundos EP20 X: Light Patterns EPAgent Kritsek: All Over EPAgent Kritsek: Consciousness EPAgent Kritsek: Relentless EPAgent Kritsek: Spiritual Energy EPAgent Kritsek: The Path EPAgent Kritsek: Transitions EPAkron: Strange Moon EPAlignments: Alpha Protocol EPAlignments: El Viaje EPAltea and Physis: Blow Your Mind EPAltea and Physis: Rabbit Hole EPAltea and Physis: Technological Feelings EPArya: Temple EPB-Zer: Dream Safe EPB-Zer: Here We Go EPB-Zer: Nature Mirror EPBlue Lunar Monkey: Infinite EPChill.S.Dub: Just Believe EPChronos: Time and Mysteries EPConsciousness Fed: Nocturnal EPCrop: Luminus Circle EPCrop: Moving Forward EPCubering: BiorhythmDamian Mazzeo: Noting Have Changed EPDeep In Mind: Guerilla EPDhamika: Digital HumanDhamika: Floating EpDhamika: In Control EPDhamika: Jeeva EPDrop Mind: Psychedelic Experience EPDual Lane: Opposite Directions EPElectrified: Beyond Step One EPErotic Dream: Dimensions EPErotic Dream: To Go Back EPF-Zero: Behind The Space EPF-Zero: Nine Billion Brains EPF-Zero: The Dream Master EPGalactic Cowboy: Whart is the reality EPGlitch Project: Music Machines EPGlitch Project: Pandora EPGroove To Soul 2: Onix EPHappy Error: 3 SoulsHigh Max: 432 Hz EPHutten: Chasing Hope EPHutten: Democracy Equals Slavery EPI.M.D: Awakening EPI.M.D: El Tunel EPI.M.D and 20X: I.M.D and 20XI.M.D, 20X: Spiritual Movement EPIllegal Substances: Matter Of Time EPIva: Visions Of Mandala EPJaya: A Combination of ThingsJaya: Ambient Doodle EPJedidiah: Worlds ApartJoe Charly and STP: Posthuman EPJoeCharlie and STP: Pure Style EPJoeCharlie and STP: Red Room EPKala hari: Into a New Dawn EPKick Bong, Squazoid: Bongzoid Fusion EPKonaefiz: Have A Power EPKuba: Above The Clouds EPKyoto: SkywolfLemonchill: My Last SayingLonely Fellow: Twisted Love EPMaiantech: Computer Access EPMaiantech: Contact Device EPMaiantech: Katun EPMaiantech: The Club EPMaiantech, Resonance: Life Style EPMaiantech, White R.: MonogramMayak: White Nova EPMazea: When Waves Collide EPMeander: In Collaboration EPMic Norberg: Metamorph XMonolock: Remixes EPMonu: Future EPMonu: I Feel Electro EPMonu: Minimal Impression EPMonu: Trouble EPMonu: Upgrade EPMonu: Worlds Apart EPMood Ticket: Earth Water And AirNaes: Behind The Shadows EpNaes: Into The Deep EPNoize Virus: Trancemission EPParty Heores: Music Is Science EPPerpetual Loop: MolecronsitionPerpetual Loop: Nocturnal SymbiosisPerpetual Loop: Passage Of SoundPhysis: Playground EPPhysis: The Sentinel EPPhysis: Through the looking glass EPPrizm Prime: Pyramid Of The Magician EPPrizm Prime: Tales From The Valley Of SunPsyrius: Sorry PlutoPuente and Sobero: Pool Party EPQuantum Foam: Multiverse EPSD: Anesthesia EPSD: Epic Space EPSD: Feedback ControlSD: Valar Silence EPSaint Janus: Beyond Our Culture EPSatori: Fallen from the Moon EPSatori: Floating Dreams EPSatori: Imagine Pleasure EPSatori: Smoke Weed Remixes EPSheewton: Connecting Worlds EPShortcut: Memories EPShortcut: Party's Challenge EPShortcut: Under Control EPSkylanders: Skyland EPSkywalker: After Earth EPSleepwalk: Collage Dimensions EPSpacenode: Biolabs EPSpectr. Indicator: MentalistSpinney Lainey: Road To Recovery EPSquazoid: Bodhisattva EPStratil: Just One Pill EPStratil: Neuroplasm EPStratil, Satori: After Humans EPSubatomic: Connected EPSubatomic: Out Of Control EPSubatomic: Push It To The Limit EPSubatomic: Question Of Dynamic EPSubatomic: Sofisticated EPSubatomic: Thermal Punch EPSuduaya: Come Back To Life EPSynestesick: Prototype EPSynthetic Kontrol: Elevation Stage EPSynthetic Pulse: Analog Sync EPSynthetic Pulse: Color Space Bit EPSynthetic Pulse: E.T.U.Synthetic Pulse: Mode Of OperationSynthetic Pulse: Passdown EPSystem E: Falling Skies EPTentura: Theme Patcher RemixesTerra Nine: Love Potion EPThe Bitzpan: Equilibrium EPThe Junkie Brothers: Human Being EPTheatre Of Love: Dreams Are ToyzTwisted Swingers: Groovy Nightmare EPTwisted Swingers: Industrial CircusUnlimited: Hyper Space EPUnusual Cos. Process: No Gravity EPUnusual Cosmic Proce: AquaticWhen Elements Align: Sapere Aude EPWhen Elements Align: Sensus EPWhite Resonance: Revolution EPAfter WorldAfter World 2Best Of Uxmal 2014CitizensCosmic BalanceMagnateMexican Progression 003SuperluminalThe Inhabitants of FlatlandUnit Of MatterUxmal Artists Vol 1Uxmal Chill 01Uxmal Looking Forward 001 EPWhen Melancholy SpeaksWhen Melancholy Speaks 2
SDValar Silence EP
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  • WEEK

    Apr. 2013/14


    Progressive Trance


    21 min 51 sec


    wav 44/16, mp3 320k



Uxmal Records

SD, a new artist of the Uxmal Records Team, presents his ep with 3 original tracks...

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