Abstract Sunrise: High Step EPAerospace: Back In Time EPAerospace: Everything is MusicAerospace: Invaders EPAerospace: Off Bitch EPAerospace: Repositioned EPAerospace: Super Mario On Acid EPAerospace: Yes We Can EPAgent Kritsek: Revolution EPAgent Kritsek: Space Progressive EPAlion: Free Form EPAlion: Horizon EPAlion: Next Level EPAtom Device: Daylight EPAtom Device: Desert Eagle EPAtom Device: Psycho EPAtom Device: Sick Habbits EPAtom Device: Voices EPD-Solve and Digman: Anyday EPD-Solve and Digman: Anyday Part 2 EPD-Twin: Call Me Loca EPD-Twin: Lost 2 Infinity EPD-Twin: Nature And Science EPD-Twin: Redesigned EPD-solve and Digman: System Is On EPDay Dream: Playground EPDay Dream: Trip To Heaven EPDizkal: Infinity EPDouble Click: My Party EPDream Architect, Multiphase: Dreamphase EPDropped: Explorer EPDual Vision: Break The Silence EPDual Vision: Butterflies and Hurricanes EPDual Vision: Equilibrium EPDual Vision: Helix EPDual Vision: Reconstruction EPEchotek: Tech No Logic EPElectit: End Of Time EPElectit: Life Cycle EPElectit, Dizkal: Synchronicity EPElement5: Rearrange EPEntropia: Age Of The Machine EPEntropia: Human Energy EPEtic: Coincidences No Such ThingEtic: Ready 2 Light EPEtic: Remake EPEtic: Reverse Engineering EPEtic: True North EPEtic, Double Click: Undercook EPGil Dagan: Free Spirit EPHuman Reaction: Destination EPLaya: Vortex EPLiftshift, Etic: Amsterburg EPLigalize: Magneto EPLupin and Own Trip: Eternia EPMental Flow: Space Technology EPMind Spin: Dragonfly EPMind Spin: In My Mind EPMinimize: Mini Act EPMinimize: Techno Head EPMonoMode: Everybody EPMonolock: Once Upon A Time EPMonolock: Open Air EPMonolock: Sound Delight EPMonolock: This Generation EPMultiphase: Echoes EPNitrodrop: Power To The PPL EPNitrodrop, Tilt Axis: We Are EPOdd Sequence: Redesigned EPParty Heroes, Lost In Space: Imagination EPPerceptors: Connections EPPerceptors: Jumping EPProgress Trance: Re Bounce EPQuantanoize: Dark Memories EPQuantanoize: Rebellion EPQuantanoize: Unexpected Journey EPS-Range and Etic: Tone Generator EPSerenity Flux: Digital Community EPShanko: Get Ready EPShanko: Vibration EPShanko: Virtual Sequence EPSolaris Vibe: Method In Chaos EPSolaris Vibe: Reflections EPSolaris Vibe, Monolock: Monovibes EPSonic Sense: Case Closed EPSonic Sense: How Does It Feel EPSonic Sense: Pornstars Overdose EPSoralis Vibe, Nitrodrop: Lucid Reality EPSoulscape: Audio Clash EPSoulscape: Drop Down EPSoulscape: Liquid Dreams EPSoundfanatic: Free Zone EPSpectro Senses: Cyber Revolution EPSpectro Senses: Psychedelic Sessions EPStav Beger: Green Tech EPSystem E: Time Travel EPThe Chromatic: Darkside EPThe Chromatic: Gaia EPThe Chromatic: Guess Who EPThe Chromatic: World Of Nerds EPTimeless: Extend EPTimeless: Imperfection EPTimeless: Inner Self EPTimeless: Re Run EPTimeless: Run Away EPUpsoull: Earth EPValgreen: Placebo EPVisua: The Theory EPYuji Ono: Eighty Ton EPAerodynamicsBig Air Vol 2Digital PillsNatural ElementsNatural SelectionParty AnimalsPower ToolsReal TimeSafe ZoneSensation
MonolockThis Generation EP
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  • WEEK

    Aug. 2011/35


    Progressive Trance


    22 min 14 sec


    wav 44/16, mp3 320k



Digital Nature Records

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Digital Nature Records is very proud to announce the launch of 'This Generation'...

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