ABC: Basic Instinct EPABC, Animato: Everything Is Changing EPAce Ventura, Darma: Acidcore EP (Out Now Remix)Amagra: Get Your Hands Up EPAmagra: Love Me EPAmagra: Stay With Me EPArctika: Fake World EPAstrix: Vicious Cycles (Symphonix Remix)Audiomatic, NOK: One MomentBeat Herren: In Your Soul EPBerg: Action EPBerg: AuroraBerg: Insane EPBerg: Keep It Simple EPBerg: Life ApartBerg: Think Twice EPBerg: Ultimate Energy EPBonanza Bros: Nice To Meet You EPClass A: Boarding Complete EPClass A: Classic EPClass A: Effect Me, Effect You EPClass A: Just Music EPClass A: Let's Run Away EPClass A: Ready For Take Off EPCorn Flakes 3D: Morning Smiles EPDJ Fabio: I Can't Get No EPDJ Fabio, Moon, NOK: Head Cheka EPDJ Fabio, Moon, Sym.: Corrupt Society EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Don't Move EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Say My Name EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Write A Song EPDJ Fabio, Symphonix: The Real Deal EPEasy Rider, C. Hook: Imagination Of Ourselves Timelock RemixEight Sin: When The Day Starts EPFM: Never Sleep EPFabio, Moon, Nok: Wish You Were Here EPFatali: Bluedome EPFatali: Infinity EPFatali: My World EPFatali: Retreat EPFatali: Sea To See EPFatali: The Drum EPFatali: Turn The Beat EPFatali: Well Come EPFatali, Deedrah: Come Unity EPFlippers: Golden Choice EPFreedom Fighters: Marshmallows Symphonix RemixGMO: Paradise No. 9 EPGhost Rider: Be Focused EPGhost Rider: ComplextroGhost Rider: Divination EPGhost Rider: In One Breath EPGhost Rider: Justice EPGhost Rider: Music Is More EPGhost Rider: No Secrets EPGhost Rider: Shamanic EPGhost Rider: Speed Of Soul EPGhost Rider: Take A Music EPGhost Rider, Kopel: We Are Humans EPGhost Rider, Ruback: Save It EPGroundBass,Synthatic: Judgment Day EPHaldolium: 2nd Life EPHaldolium: Cry / Heaven EPHaldolium: GLW / DRK (Re-Release)Haldolium: GLW / DRK - DeletedHaldolium: HxHaldolium: LowlightsHaldolium: Lowlights EPHaldolium: NINI - DeletedHaldolium: Nini (Re-Release)Haldolium: Repainted classics in new coloursHanzo: Moving Forward EPHanzo: Recycle EPHanzo: Take My World EPHanzo: Traveling Without Moving EPInception: 2 And A Half Freak EPInception: Atlantis EPInception: Audio Spray EPInception: Breathing EPInception: Drive EPInception: Light My Fire EPInteractive Noise: Crazy Move EPInteractive Noise: She's Gone EPKoan: Exile EPKoan: FictionKoan: FigmentKoan: La Incertezza EPKoan: Non FigmentKoan: Non_FictionKoan: ProteusKoan: The Fables of BelovodyeKoan: The Way Of OneKoan: When The Silence Is ...Kopel: Come Together EPKopel: Darkness EPKopel: Flavor EPKopel: Keep It Strawberry EPKopel: Less Is More EPKopel: Lights EPKopel: Remixed EPKopel, Metronome: Distant MemoriesKopel, Pop Art: Imagine Nation EPMajor7, Timelock: Major LockMegamind, Effective: Mind Effect EPMetronome: Artificial Jukebox EPMetronome: Evolve EPMetronome: Northern Stories EPMetronome: Progression EPMetronome: Rainfall EPMetronome: Rise Above EPMetronome: Sadhana EPMetronome: Slightly Different EPMetronome: The Choices We Make EPMoonshine: Pearl Future EPMr. Suit: Five Stars EPMr. Suit: Gentle Man EPMr. Suit: Smooth EPMr. Suit: You Don't Know EPMr. Suit, Effective: Desert EPMr.Suit: Must Be Suitable EPNOK: New OrderNOK: New Order EPNOK: RemixedNOK, Klopfgeister: Soultrigger - The Remixes EPNOK, Ruback: ExperienceNaturalize: Fanjazztic Remake EPNaturalize: Hard Like a Drum EPNaturalize: Smile On You EPNaturalize: The Modern World EPNaturalize, N. Virus: The Double Dose EPNew Age: Move It EPNizzel: Bubbles on Air EPNok: Silent Sleeper EPOdiseo: Evolved EPOdiseo: Just MusicOdiseo: Sound Traveller EPOdiseo and Gandulk: Back In Time EPOdiseo, Sensifeel: Dreams EPOdiseo, Visua: Interconnected EPOdiseo, Xahno: Human Energy EPOdiseo, Xses: Rock The Disco EPOsher: Close Your Eyes EPOsher: Daily Dose EPOsher: Get The Yeyo EPOsher: Groove Box EPOsher: Off The Record EPOsher: Open Air EPOsher: Psychedelic People EPOsher: Self Control EPOsher: Stepping Around EPOsher: The Noise EPOsher: TwilightOsher, Effective: Peace Of Heaven EPOsher, Krunch: Hyper Active EPOsher, Krunch: Take No Logic EPOut Now: Ancient City EPOut Now: Be A Trap EPOut Now: Be Louder EPOut Now: Behind The Screens EPOut Now: Out Now BoxOut Now: Recent Past EPPhaxe: Tide Fusion Vol 1 EPPhaxe: Unknown Language EPPop Art: Balagan Time EPPop Art: Disco Madness EPPop Art: Follow Me EPPop Art: Keep Distance EPPop Art: Remixed EPPop Art: Rotation EPPop Art: The Pressure Is Rising EPPop Art: This Is Paradise EPPop Art, Indra: Mayumana EPPotter and Neelix: Lewd Behaviour EPRanji: Change EPRanji: Lights On EPRanji: New Ways EPRanji: Power Of Acid EPRanji, Mind Spin: Secrets of the Universe EPRanji, Mindspin: Brain Capacity EPRanji, Replay, M. C.: See Point EPReplay: Another World EPReplay: Come In DeletedReplay: Come In Peace EPReplay: Electric Party EPReplay: LI-AN EPReplay: The Exit EPReplay: What Is All About EPRuback: 3D Beats EPRuback: Double Trouble EPRuback: Endless Soul EPRuback: Human Mind EPRuback: Ruback BoxRuback: The Hobbit EPRuback, Kopel: Bad Boyz EPRuback, Logica: Screenagers EPRuback, Logica: Take Over EPSensifeel: Hamburger Royal EPSideform: Tribadelic EPSkipper: 3 Angels EPSkipper: Aquarius EPSkipper: Made in Brazil EPSkipper, Ruback: The Message EPStaga Dish: Any Form Of Life EPStaga Dish: We Are The Machines EPSymphonix: Acting Out EPSymphonix: Dimension Of MusicSymphonix: Experimental Dance EPSymphonix: Get Rhythm EPSymphonix: Global Freaks EPSymphonix: Here and Now EPSymphonix: Hit and Run Remix EPSymphonix: Increase EPSymphonix: Keep It Off EPSymphonix: Music ProstituteSymphonix: Music Prostitute Remixes EPSymphonix: Music Prostitute The RemixesSymphonix: Progressive Attitude EPSymphonix: Taking Acid EPSymphonix: Taking Acid Remixes EPSymphonix: Taking Acid Remixes Part 2 EPSymphonix: The Usual SuspectsSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 1EPSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 2 EPSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 3 EPSymphonix: The Way Of LifeSymphonix: The Wild LifeSymphonix: Time To PunkSymphonix: Time to Punk RemixedSymphonix and Venes: Mesmerized EPSymphonix, Fabio: Studio Session EPSymphonix, Odiseo: Being Different EPSymphonix,Fabio Moon: Burn Out EPSymphonix,Fabio,Moon: Shake Your Body EPSynesthetic, Osher: Avengers Remixed EPTechnical Hitch: Mama India EPTimelock: Muto EPTimelock: True Raver EPTimelock, Soul Six: DestinesiaTimelock, Soul Six: Six Locks EPTimelock,High Jacked: Alchemy EPTripless: Timofey EPTrue Lies: Bad Ass Bass EPTrue Lies: The Walking Animal EPTrue Lies: Tune In EPUnicode: Acid Rocker EPUnicode: Decoded EPUnicode: Losing Control EPVertigo: Into The Sound EPXahno: Flying Frequencies EPXahno: Gossip Girl EPXahno: Smile EPXibalba: Get Funky EPZelda: Sick I am Crazy EPCrying HeavensDrums and Roses Vol 3Get ItHigh Five - 5 Years of Blue Tunes RecordsHigh Five Vol.2La Boum Vol 2LaunchedLaunched, Vol. 2Party PackProgressive BoxProgressive ChannelProgressive NutsProgressive Tunes Vol.1RNS Loud Remixes EPRemixed - The Dark SideRock ItSundaySunday Vol 2ThinkTouch DownTouchdown Vol 2
SideformTribadelic EP
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  • WEEK

    Jan. 2014/01


    Progressive Trance


    16 min 10 sec


    wav 44/16, mp3 320k



Blue Tunes Records

Track 1


Track 2


Sideform comes with a 2 tracker on Blue Tunes Records.