-V.-: Time Travel EPAbigail Noises: Journey To Omnia EPAbigail Noises: Journey To Omnia EPAcidProjekt: Everyday Chemistry EPAcidProjekt: Orphism EPAlienvenenox: Ganymede Planet EPAmonati: Unwanted EPAncient: Inside The Brain EPAngry Rocket: Let's Rock EPAposynthesis: Extremist EPArcheos: Enter Your Dreams EPAstral Frequency: Speedclock EPAstral Jester: Dissolve EPAstro-D: Trip Advisor EPAurealis: In the ForestBaaxten: Dark Reflection EPBasso: Fluorescent EPBeng: Chaos Theory EPBlak Noize: Tree Of Life EPBoshaft: Deep Blue EPBoshaft: Tempo EPBottomline25: Low Gravity EPBottomline25: Reaktanz EPCompiled By Weirdel: Lost Minds In Town Vol.2Cosmic Mantra: Freak Territory EPCranium Drill: Media Vaporizer EPCrawfisher: Pulse EPDarkland: The Lower Part of the City EPDeja Djinn: Higher Frequencies EPDeja Djinn: Spiirals EPDigital Skulls: Dark Whispers EPEfflorum: Placid Mimic Waves EPElectronic Concept: Wrecked Brain EPElephAnt: Glux Tack Tix Clan EPFiery Storm: Poltergeist EPFloaty: Exploring the In-Between EPFringe: Ash vs Evil BBQ EPFunicon: Do The Bungle EPGEN: Contact With Strangers EPGen: Signal From SpaceGen: The Secret Books EPGen: Warrior of Life EPGhebro: Dark Little Monsters EPGoa Luni: Spirits of Life EPHanumann, Tiyug: Geodesica EPHidden Soul: Universal Paradise EPIllumicorp: Nine Circles Of Hell EPInnerShade: Interception EPJayanta: Crystal Hyperdrive EPJayanta: Experimental Dimensions EPJayanta: In Reach Of Eternity EPJayanta: Re-Emerge EPKrotovina: Render Bender EPMechDoll: Muerta Tortuga EPMetroplex: Open Your Mind EPMoonarka: Preterito Mais Que PerfeitoMoonarka: Too Over To Active EPNemesis: Everything and Nothing EPNemesis: Transmutacion Alquimica EPNeomorph: Thinking Outside The Box EPNocturnal: Energetic EPNxa: Alien Theory EPPolyplex: Delightful Delighted Dream EPPolyplex: Drunken Nights EPPolyplex: Hollywood EPPolyplex: Once Again EPPolyplex: To Insanity And BeyondPolyplex: You Cant Touch This EPPsycroft: Enter The Matrix EPPsypien: Panmanic EPRaccoon: Trample And Jump EPScratch 22: Harmonic Disorder EPSharigrama: Toksik Eyes EPShiva Shambho: Dark Tantra EPShiva Shambho: Divine Nature EPShivas Choice: Freak and Zoid EPShivas Choice: G-Radio EPShivas Choice: Sativa Sun EPSistema Mental: Acid Cookies Farm EPSixten9, ...: Solid Gibberish EPSpace Shift: Alien MagikSpace Shock: Mictlampa EPSpace Shock: Shamanic Language of the Universe EPSubliminal Insane: Love Intruder EPSubliminal Insane: Pronoia EPSubliminal Insane: You Cannot Lose AllSunTribe: Shiva Shakthi EPSychodelicious: Melting Zone EPSynchrosphere: Second Miracle EPTheseus: Revision EPTravis: Consciousness Discovery EPTympanik: Types Of Species EPUV Society: Blacklight Culture EPUniversal Mind Gate: AlterZ DimensionUniversal Mind Gate: Hypnotic Storm Core EPUnknown Logic: ParasignsWavelogix: Point Compression EPWeiRdel: Design Your Mind EPWeirDel: Bravo Zulu EPWeirDel: The Age of Science EPZenit Psy: Stuffy Doll EPZoku: One Love EPZoomorfos: Rape My MindCosmic Fracture by Polyplex and Cranium DrillDigital Drugs 6 Battle GridDouble The Dose Vol.2Lost Minds in TownRobot Revolution Vol.2Shape The Machine Vol.2
Sixten9, ...Solid Gibberish EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Aug. 2018/32


    Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance


    34 min 9 sec





Digital Drugs Coalition

Track 1


Track 2


Track 3


Digital Drugs Coalition has discovered the truth of speaking in tongues and will prove it to you...

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