Astartica, Astralex: Re-Evolution EPAstralex: Rip Open EPAstralex, Endeavour: Surface EPAttik: The Trick EPBrainiac: Feel Your Mind EPCosmo Tech: Base 1 EPCrystall: Integrator EPEscape: Intruder EPFiction: Remarkable Reality EPHelber Gun: Not Alone EPHelber Gun: Renaissance EPIlai: Impulse EPIlai: New Tendencies EPIlai: New TomorrowsIlai: Repulse EPIntelligence: Arkticus EPIntelligence: Glitch Drama EPIntelligence, Attik: Modular Empire EPMadmind: Snake Oil EPMakida: Creative Nature EPMakida: Human Evolution EPMakida: Knowledge EPMakida: Measure Of RealityMakida: Temple Of Elohi EPMakida: The Fractal PhenomenaMakida, Nailik: Energy Gainer EPMakida, Suduaya: Hypnotist EPMateria: Clear TenorMateria vs Brainiac: Mindfold EPMateria, Waio: Collision EPMateria,Intelligence: Change The World EPMechanimal: Life Cycles EPMechanimal: Quantum Lab EPMental Broadcast: Brain Activity EPMental Broadcast: DecodedMental Broadcast: Fortuitous EPMental Broadcast: Play Loud EPMindfold: Lightmare EPMindfold: Mother Nature EPMindfold: Revisions EPMindfold: The Departed EPMindfold: Wet Devices EPNeuroplasm: Adaptations EPNeuroplasm: Weird Theory EPNeuroplasm, ...: Dust At Dawn EPPlasmotec, Brainiac: Engeneering Life EPPlasmotek: Medicine EPPlasmotek: SoulwirePlasmotek: Unreal EPPrinciples Of Flight: Barbe Rouge EPPrinciples of Flight: Haunted by Gargoyles EPSinerider: Cascade EPSinerider: Pure TonesSinerider: Remixes V1 EPSinerider: Rewired EPSinerider, Escape: Lifevibes EPSinerider, Ital: What Is Real EPSymbolic: Insidious Remix EPWaio, Materia, ...: The Power Triangle EPDarklines V2Doors Open 2Doors Open 3 EPMind Over MatterTransient ShapesWorldscope
Makida, NailikEnergy Gainer EP
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    Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance


    14 min 42 sec


    lossless 44/16, mp3 320k



24/7 Records

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After a string of recent releases, Makida return to 24/7 Records to unleash their latest...

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