4Motion: Take Me Away EPABC: ABC BoxABC: Based on Mars EPABC: Basic Instinct EPABC: Magyar Pura EPABC: Wild Land EPABC, Animato: Everything Is Changing EPABC, Red Sun: Nature of Reality EPAce Ventura, Darma: Acidcore EP (Out Now Remix)Altered State: Final Boss EPAmagra: Bipolar EPAmagra: Devils in the Woods EPAmagra: Get Your Hands Up EPAmagra: Love Me EPAmagra: Stay With Me EPAmagra: Tequila Sunrise EPAnon: Leave Me Behind EPArctika: Fake World EPAstrix: Incoming EPAstrix: Vicious Cycles (Symphonix Remix)Audiomatic, NOK: One MomentAura Vortex, Blazy: Reborn EPAzax: Jawarty EPAzax, Pura Vida: Rockstar DJ EPBeat Herren: Dreamland EPBeat Herren: Friends And Money EPBeat Herren: In Memory of Stella EPBeat Herren: In Your Soul EPBeat Herren: Mind Melodies EPBeat Herren: Paranoid EPBeat Herren: Reincarnation EPBeat Herren: Symphony of Angels EPBeat Herren: Wonderland EPBerg: Action EPBerg: AuroraBerg: Bayaka EPBerg: Big Bang Machine (Haldolium Remix) EPBerg: Insane EPBerg: Keep It Simple EPBerg: Life ApartBerg: Pandora Box Rework EPBerg: Rolling Sky EPBerg: Tantra EPBerg: The Chant EPBerg: Think Twice EPBerg: Ultimate Energy EPBerg: Unity EPBerg: What You Talking About EPBerg, Capital Monkey: Future EPBerg, Skazi: Breeze EPBerg, WhiteNo1se: Sirens EPBonanza Bros: Nice To Meet You EPClass A: Boarding Complete EPClass A: Classic EPClass A: Effect Me, Effect You EPClass A: Just Music EPClass A: Let's Run Away EPClass A: Ready For Take Off EPCorn Flakes 3D: Morning Smiles EPCorn Flakes 3D: Time for Cherie EPCornFlakes 3D: Trance Fighter EPCornflakes 3D: Concentrate EPCosmonet: Cymatics EPCosmonet: Eat Sleep Rave Repeat EPCosmonet: The Prophecy EPDJ Fabio: I Can't Get No EPDJ Fabio, Moon: Inner Peace EPDJ Fabio, Moon, NOK: Head Cheka EPDJ Fabio, Moon, Sym.: Corrupt Society EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Don't Move EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Say My Name EPDJ Fabio, Nok: Write A Song EPDJ Fabio, Symphonix: The Real Deal EPDezzmo: Katya EPDynamis: Together EPEasy Rider, C. Hook: Imagination Of Ourselves Timelock RemixEddie Bitar: Timeless EPEffective: The Dreamers EPEight Sin: When The Day Starts EPFM: Never Sleep EPFabio, Moon, Nok: Wish You Were Here EPFace Off (ISR), ...: Electric Jungle EPFace Off (ISR), ...: Spiritual Experience EPFace Out: Matrix Journey EPFatali: Bluedome EPFatali: Infinity EPFatali: My World EPFatali: Retreat EPFatali: Sea To See EPFatali: The Drum EPFatali: Turn The Beat EPFatali: Well Come EPFatali, Deedrah: Come Unity EPFlexus, GMO: Sunny Days EPFlippers: Golden Choice EPFreedom Fighters: Marshmallows Symphonix RemixFuture People: A Kind of Magic EPFuture People: Beelzebub EPFuture People: Evolves EPFuture People: Jiva EPFuture People, ...: Binaural Experience EPFuture People, ...: Feelings EPGMO: Forty-Two EPGMO: Into the Future EPGMO: Oblivious EPGMO: One More Thing EPGMO: Paradise No. 9 EPGMO: Realities EPGMO: Transform EPGhost Rider: Be Focused EPGhost Rider: ComplextroGhost Rider: Divination EPGhost Rider: In One Breath EPGhost Rider: In Remix EPGhost Rider: Justice EPGhost Rider: Music Is More EPGhost Rider: No Secrets EPGhost Rider: Shamanic EPGhost Rider: Shamanic EPGhost Rider: Speed Of Soul EPGhost Rider: Take A Music EPGhost Rider, ...: Accession EPGhost Rider, Kopel: Everyone Needs EPGhost Rider, Kopel: We Are Humans EPGhost Rider, Pop Art: Make Me Wonder EPGhost Rider, Pop Art: Trip in Mars EPGhost Rider, Ruback: Save It EPGroundBass: Dark And Light EPGroundBass: Dark and Light EPGroundBass: Ghetto EPGroundBass, Hacoon: Savannah EPGroundBass, Sighter: Devil's Fall EPGroundBass, Tronsho: Future EPGroundBass,Synthatic: Judgment Day EPHaldolium: 20 FCKNG 5 TO 1 EPHaldolium: 2nd Life EPHaldolium: Away from Here EPHaldolium: Backwards EPHaldolium: Cry / Heaven EPHaldolium: Disrespect, The Flag EPHaldolium: GLW / DRK (Re-Release)Haldolium: GLW / DRK - DeletedHaldolium: HxHaldolium: LowlightsHaldolium: Lowlights EPHaldolium: NINI - DeletedHaldolium: Nini (Re-Release)Haldolium: Repainted classics in new coloursHaldolium: Revisions EPHaldolium: Skyfall (Hi Profile Remix) EPHaldolium: Song For Isabelle EPHaldolium: Two Roads (Revisited) EPHaldolium: WRLD, Levee EPHaldolium feat. ...: Skyfall EPHanzo: Moving Forward EPHanzo: Recycle EPHanzo: Take My World EPHanzo: Traveling Without Moving EPHeavy Drop: Orient EPHi Profile: T.I.M.E. (GroundBass Remix) EPHi Profile, ...: Mirror Me EPHyperflow: Magic Mushrooms EPHyperflow: Zuya EPHyperflow, Maitika: Artificial Intelligence EPIlai: Free from the Others EPInception: 2 And A Half Freak EPInception: Atlantis EPInception: Audio Spray EPInception: Breathing EPInception: Drive EPInception: Light My Fire EPIndianix: Early Lights EPIndianix: Ethnotic EPIndianix: Imagination Land EPIndra, Beat Hackers: Sick Combo EPIndra, Melicia: Shadow Of Death EPIndra, Wider: Chemical Export EPInteractive Noise: Crazy Move EPInteractive Noise: She's Gone EPInvisible Reality: External Culture EPInvisible Reality: Grinder EPInvisible Reality: Re.GenJaia: Mai Mai EPJilax: Darker Than Black EPKent Brockmen: In the Stellar EPKent Brockmen: Zeal EPKoan: Crossing the RubiconKoan: Exile EPKoan: FictionKoan: FigmentKoan: La Incertezza EPKoan: Leap of FaithKoan: Non FigmentKoan: Non_FictionKoan: ProteusKoan: The Fables of BelovodyeKoan: The Way Of OneKoan: Uncloak EPKoan: When The Silence Is ...Kopel: Come Together EPKopel: Darkness EPKopel: Flavor EPKopel: Good Jobs EPKopel: Keep It Strawberry EPKopel: Less Is More EPKopel: Lights EPKopel: Remixed EPKopel: Shanghai EPKopel: The Underground EPKopel, Metronome: Distant MemoriesKopel, Pop Art: Imagine Nation EPKopel, Pop Art, ...: Mandala EPKrunch, Jano: Insert Memory EPKrunch, Orpheus: El Primo EPMadness Express: Freak U Out EPMadness Express: Shinigami EPMajor7, Timelock: Major LockMarco Menichelli: Into Reality EPMegamind, Effective: Mind Effect EPMeis, Raz: Into My Eyes EPMetronome: Artificial Jukebox EPMetronome: Evolve EPMetronome: Metronome Box 2Metronome: Northern Stories EPMetronome: Progression EPMetronome: Rainfall EPMetronome: Rise Above EPMetronome: Sadhana EPMetronome: Slightly Different EPMetronome: So Real EPMetronome: The Choices We Make EPMetronome: The Consequence EPMetronome: What Goes Up, Must Come Down EPMind And Matter: Desambiguation EPMondero: Deep Silence EPMondero: Natural Awareness EPMondero: Soul Explosion EPMoonshine: Pearl Future EPMr. Suit: Five Stars EPMr. Suit: Gentle Man EPMr. Suit: Smooth EPMr. Suit: You Don't Know EPMr. Suit, Effective: Desert EPMr.Suit: Must Be Suitable EPNOK: New OrderNOK: New Order EPNOK: RemixedNOK, Klopfgeister: Soultrigger - The Remixes EPNOK, Ruback: ExperienceNaturalize: All I Wanna Do EPNaturalize: Fanjazztic Remake EPNaturalize: Hard Like a Drum EPNaturalize: Smile On You EPNaturalize: The Modern World EPNaturalize, N. Virus: The Double Dose EPNaturalize, Twodelic: Pumping Beats EPNew Age: Move It EPNizzel: Bubbles on Air EPNo Comment: Out Of The Blue EPNo Comment, Alegro: Cobra EPNok: Silent Sleeper EPNok: The Encounter EPNok: The Encounter EPNok: Thirteen Days EPNok, Easy Riders: The Broken Man EPNok, Kopel: Daydream EPNormalize: Ashiha EPNormalize: Brahma's Smile EPNormalize: E.I. EPOdiseo: Against All Odds EPOdiseo: Evolved EPOdiseo: Just MusicOdiseo: Last Day On Earth EPOdiseo: Sound Traveller EPOdiseo and Gandulk: Back In Time EPOdiseo, Gandulk: Deeper Emotion EPOdiseo, Nizzel: Asteroid EPOdiseo, Sensifeel: Dreams EPOdiseo, Visua: Interconnected EPOdiseo, Xahno: Becoming a Sith EPOdiseo, Xahno: Human Energy EPOdiseo, Xses: Rock The Disco EPOffir Malol, ...: Baila (Shibass Remix) EPOrpheus: Zero GravityOrpheus, Jano: Children of the Night EPOsher: Close Your Eyes EPOsher: Daily Dose EPOsher: Get The Yeyo EPOsher: Groove Box EPOsher: Off The Record EPOsher: Open Air EPOsher: Psychedelic People EPOsher: Reflections EPOsher: Self Control EPOsher: Seven Skies EPOsher: Sounds Around Us EPOsher: Stepping Around EPOsher: The Noise EPOsher: TwilightOsher, Effective: Peace Of Heaven EPOsher, Krunch: Hyper Active EPOsher, Krunch: Take No Logic EPOsher, Orpheus: Flymenco EPOut Now: Ancient City EPOut Now: Ayahuasca EPOut Now: Be A Trap EPOut Now: Be Louder EPOut Now: Behind The Screens EPOut Now: Hypnotized EPOut Now: Mental Health EPOut Now: Out Now BoxOut Now: Out Now BoxOut Now: Push The Limits EPOut Now: Recent Past EPOut Now: Sawaye EPOut Now: Spiritual Progression EPP.A.N.D.O.R.R.A: Star Dust EPP.R.O.G.: Alexandria EPP.R.O.G.: Black Pearl EPP.R.O.G.: Fall Down EPP.R.O.G.: Touch the Sky EPPhanatic: The Remixes EPPhanatic, ...: Wakandah EPPhaxe: Tide Fusion Vol 1 EPPhaxe: Unknown Language EPPhaxe, Morten Granau: Four3two EPPhysis: Make It Up EPPhysis: Never Gonna Stop EPPitch Bend: Foxy Bear EPPop Art: Balagan Time EPPop Art: Candy Pop EPPop Art: Disco Madness EPPop Art: Follow Me EPPop Art: It Feels So Good EPPop Art: Keep Distance EPPop Art: Remixed EPPop Art: Rotation EPPop Art: The Guru EPPop Art: The Pressure Is Rising EPPop Art: This Is Paradise EPPop Art feat. Wider: Zumba EPPop Art, ...: Garuda EPPop Art, Indra: Mayumana EPPotter and Neelix: Lewd Behaviour EPRanji: Anyone Can Fly EPRanji: Change EPRanji: Lights On EPRanji: New Ways EPRanji: Power Of Acid EPRanji: Power of Acid (Pop Art Remix) EPRanji: Power of Acid EPRanji: Psychedelic Experience EPRanji, Mind Spin: Secrets of the Universe EPRanji, Mindspin: Brain Capacity EPRanji, Replay, M. C.: See Point EPRaz: Emotion in Motion EPRaz: Images EPRaz, Naturalize: Lost Voices EPReplay: Another World EPReplay: Come In DeletedReplay: Come In Peace EPReplay: Electric Party EPReplay: LI-AN EPReplay: The Exit EPReplay: What Is All About EPReplay, Fliptalk: Marijuana Addiction EPReplay, Pitch Bend: Humanity EPRitmo: De Festa (One Function Remix) EPRitmo, Rocky: Floater ABC Remix EPRuback: 3D Beats EPRuback: Double Trouble EPRuback: Endless Soul EPRuback: Human Mind EPRuback: Ruback BoxRuback: The Hobbit EPRuback, Kopel: Bad Boyz EPRuback, Logica: Screenagers EPRuback, Logica: Take Over EPSawlead Ground, ...: The Darkness EPSensifeel: Hamburger Royal EPShanti People: Asato (Symphonix Remix) EPShiBass: Megamix EPShiBass: Shiva Mangala EPShiBass, ...: Jump EPShiBass, Alegro: Imagination EPShiBass, Pura Vida: Light in Your Eyes EPSideform: Tribadelic EPSighter: Raindrops EPSighter: Raindrops EPSighter, No Mercy: Zod EPSkipper: 3 Angels EPSkipper: Aquarius EPSkipper: Made in Brazil EPSkipper, Ruback: The Message EPSoniq Vision: Dream Emulator EPSpectro Senses: Magnetic FieldStaga Dish: Any Form Of Life EPStaga Dish: We Are The Machines EPSymphonix: Acting Out EPSymphonix: All Is Lost EPSymphonix: Body Effect EPSymphonix: Dimension Of MusicSymphonix: Distorted Silence EPSymphonix: Experimental Dance EPSymphonix: Experimental Time EPSymphonix: Get Rhythm EPSymphonix: Global Freaks EPSymphonix: Here and Now EPSymphonix: Hit and Run Remix EPSymphonix: Increase EPSymphonix: Keep It Off EPSymphonix: Look into the Mirror EPSymphonix: Lost in This Moment EPSymphonix: Lost in This Moment EPSymphonix: Mindset EPSymphonix: Music Ink EPSymphonix: Music ProstituteSymphonix: Music Prostitute EPSymphonix: Music Prostitute Remixes EPSymphonix: Music Prostitute The RemixesSymphonix: Natural Touch EPSymphonix: Progressive Attitude EPSymphonix: Psychedelic Energy EPSymphonix: Sexual Distortion EPSymphonix: Taking Acid EPSymphonix: Taking Acid Remixes EPSymphonix: Taking Acid Remixes Part 2 EPSymphonix: The Usual SuspectsSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 1EPSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 2 EPSymphonix: The Usual Suspects Remixes Part 3 EPSymphonix: The Way Of LifeSymphonix: The Wild LifeSymphonix: Time To PunkSymphonix: Time to Punk RemixedSymphonix: When Music Takes Control EPSymphonix and Venes: Mesmerized EPSymphonix, Fabio: Studio Session EPSymphonix, Odiseo: Being Different EPSymphonix,Fabio Moon: Burn Out EPSymphonix,Fabio,Moon: Shake Your Body EPSynesthetic, Osher: Avengers Remixed EPSynthatic: Memory EPTechnical Hitch: Mama India EPTimelock: DNA Monster EPTimelock: Muto EPTimelock: True Raver EPTimelock, ...: Illuminati EPTimelock, Dang3r: Antema EPTimelock, Red Sun: Elements EPTimelock, Soul Six: DestinesiaTimelock, Soul Six: Six Locks EPTimelock, Waveform: Visions EPTimelock, Wilder: Space Addiction EPTimelock,High Jacked: Alchemy EPTitans: Awaken EPTitans: Cosmic Mantra EPTitans: Eternal Vibrations EPTitans: The Dark Path EPTripical: Tropical Waves EPTripless: Timofey EPTrue Lies: Bad Ass Bass EPTrue Lies: The Walking Animal EPTrue Lies: Tune In EPUnicode: Acid Rocker EPUnicode: Decoded EPUnicode: Losing Control EPUpgrade: Music (Future People Remix) EPVegas, Cosmonet: Kontrol EPVertigo: Into The Sound EPW.A.D: All the Things EPWanted, Jilax: The Truth EPWanted, LocoWeed, ..: Sarasvati EPWhiteno1se, ...: Faya EPXahno: Flying Frequencies EPXahno: Gossip Girl EPXahno: Smile EPXibalba: Get Funky EPYahel: All in One EPYahel: Atmosphere EPYahel, Omiki ...: Black Hole EPYarin: The Rain Dance EPZac DePetro, Matte: Chapter I EPZelDa, Dr. Prog: Birding EPZelda: Sick I am Crazy EPZelda, Cript: Avec Vous EPZyrus 7: Aurora EPZyrus 7: Digital Animals EPZyrus 7: Lost in Space EPAmarasya (Party Edition)Awareness of Progressive, Vol. 2Christmas Box 2016Colorful DownbeatsCrying HeavensDrums and Roses Vol 3Get ItHigh Five - 5 Years of Blue Tunes RecordsHigh Five Vol.2La Boum Vol 2LaunchedLaunched, Vol. 2New Years Eve Box 2016Party PackProgressive BoxProgressive Box Vol.2Progressive ChannelProgressive NutsProgressive Tunes Vol.1Progressive and Psy Trance Pieces, Vol. 20RNS Loud Remixes EPRemixed - The Dark SideRock ItSundaySunday Vol 2ThinkTouch DownTouchdown Vol 2Tropical StormTropical Storm, Vol. 2Wild Vision
Fatali, DeedrahCome Unity EP

16 bit / 44.1 kHz

wav, aiff, flac, alac

  • WEEK

    Aug. 2014/34


    Progressive Trance


    16 min 17 sec





Blue Tunes Records

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A fresh trance release on Blue Tunes Records.